About us

About us

Why Lazy Researcher?

Shopping is an integral part of our lives. We all want to buy only the best appliances, gadgets, tools and other products that will fully meet our needs and will not hit hard our pocket. However, the search and selection of such products is not always easy and enjoyable. Among the many offers on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to dwell on one without fear of mistake.

Lazy Researcher is a collection of the top products with our detailed reviews, recommendations and the ability to compare them in a variety of parameters.

In our catalogs, you will find both trending novelties and time-tested models of the most famous brands.

If you dwell on several products and cannot choose the one that is most suitable for you, you can compare these models and choose the best one according to the parameters you are interested in.

How we make our recommendations

The process of creating a list of the best products and writing reviews takes place in several stages:

1. Market research

Analysis of the offers in the market for a specific type of product. Selection of the most popular and best-rated models, as well as novelties of manufacturers.

2. Product research

Research of each model: technical specifications from manufacturers, customer reviews on various forums and marketplaces, familiarization with tests and reviews of leading online resources, such as Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, Digital Trends, CNET, etc.

3. Ranking

Preparing a preliminary rating based on criteria such as:

4. Testing

We purchase selected products as ordinary customers and independently test them.

5. Final ranking

Compilation of the final rating.

6. Review writing

We summarize the product information received and write a detailed review.

7. Tea party of the whole team

Yes, we love this necessary and most enjoyable stage.

When we recommend a particular product, we also rely on its intended use. For example, the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors may not be the latest novelty with many innovations, but a simpler model adapted for cleaning this particular type of floor.

Not necessarily the most expensive model will top the list. One of the important criteria, in our opinion, is value for money. Therefore, we try to select the best products for any budget.

How do we earn

Lazy Researcher is a member of affiliate programs such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We get a commission if the user purchases the products by going to the store using our affiliate link. This commission does not increase the product’s cost.

We do not receive any rewards from manufacturers for including their products in our catalogs and recommendations. All our reviews are independent. If after the purchase the buyer returns the product, we do not receive anything. Therefore, we are interested in recommending truly the best products that will satisfy the needs of users.

Our team

Kevin Bailey

Content manager

Erica Bean


Kristine Worley


Bill Grover

Expert consultant

Branden Walker

Expert consultant

Diana Garcia


Daniel Goodner


Keith Waddle


Michael Greiner

Marketing analyst

Mike Chavira

IT engineer

Lazy Researcher
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