Best corded stick vacuum cleaners

  • Weight, lbsWeight, lbs
  • Dust bin capacity, mlDust bin capacity, ml
  • FiltrationFiltration
  • Motorized brushrollMotorized brushroll
  • FeaturesFeatures
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Shark APEX ZS362

  • Shark DuoClean stick vacuum
  • Weight, lbs10
  • Dust bin capacity, ml700
  • FiltrationFoam
  • Motorized brushrollYes
  • FeaturesDuoClean, Self-cleaning brushroll
  • Warranty5 years
  • Bissell PowerEdge Pet

  • Bissell PowerEdge Pet
  • Weight, lbs7.5
  • Dust bin capacity, ml470
  • FiltrationFoam and corrugated filters
  • Motorized brushrollNo
  • FeaturesV-shape design
  • Warranty1 year
  • Shark Rocket HV382

  • Shark Rocket HV382
  • Weight, lbs9.9
  • Dust bin capacity, ml860
  • FiltrationHEPA
  • Motorized brushrollYes
  • FeaturesDuoClean
  • Warranty5 years
  • Hoover Linx

  • Hoover Linx SH20030
  • Weight, lbs8
  • Dust bin capacity, ml1000
  • FiltrationCyclonic
  • Motorized brushrollYes
  • FeaturesWindTunnel Technology
  • Warranty2 years
  • Miele Swing H1 Tactical

  • Miele Swing H1 Tactical
  • Weight, lbs9.4
  • Dust bin capacity, ml2500
  • FiltrationAirClean multi-layer (HEPA optional)
  • Motorized brushrollNo
  • FeaturesAirClean sealed system, 3-in-1 design
  • Warranty2 years

Below, we’ve got 5 best corded stick vacuum cleaners of 2020 which we’ve shared our brief reviews about to give you insight into what makes them the best.

So, read on and hopefully, our article will make your decision much easier and select the ideal stick vacuum with cord.

Best corded stick vacuum cleaners in 2020

1. Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362


The Shark ZS362 comes with a DuoClean brush head which is the main cleaning tool. It features two individual brush roll, a stiff bristles brush roll for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs and a soft bristles brush roll for bare and delicate floors like laminate.

The soft brush roll has bristles that are quite gentle and very effective at picking up dirt both large and small pieces of dirt including particles stuck on the surface.

The brush spin slowly too without any aggression, so you get to clean your floor very well without leaving any scratches. The stiff bristles brush roll also cleans carpets effortlessly as it spins at maximum speed and the stiff bristles offer great agitation. They dig deep into the carpet fibers to dislodge dirt. If you have area rugs it will certainly come in handy.

Another commendable cleaning tool is a precision duster. It’s an ideal tool for hardwood floors, especially for fine detailing as it features a micro-duster.

It also has a 5-inch crevice tool and a flexible cleaning hose making it very easy to clean hard-to-reach areas such as edges, gaps, and corners.

This Shark corded stick vacuum is somewhat compact too. It has a slim profile and the main cleaning head is connected to the rest of the unit by a full swivel neck mechanism.

Therefore, you get to maneuver and clean tight spaces, corners, and around and under furniture with much ease. Furthermore, the cord is 30 feet long which is a nice length that allows you to cover a large space without having to switch the power outlets.

Suction power

Although Shark has not indicated the precise value for suction power, the unit comes with a fairly powerful 120V motor that draws around 600 watts. It’s enough to provide strong and reliable suction to lift various types of dirt and debris.

To add to that, the main cleaning head plus the floor nozzle feature strong LED headlights which is a very thoughtful feature as it allows you to spot and clean dirt in dark and low light areas like underneath furniture.

Pet hair cleaning

It’s not just floor cleaning that this Shark stick vacuum is effective for – it does so well too when it comes to clearing and cleaning pet hairs and pet stains.

First, the strong suction from the floor nozzle easily picks up pet hair from any surface including hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, furniture and even above-floor areas such as stairs.

When you detach the main brush, you are left with an upholstery tool which is pretty handy in dealing with stubborn pet hair, fibers, lint and pet stain.

Now the best part about this unit is that it won’t get clogged by long pet and human hair.

The main cleaning head is equipped with Shark’s Zero-M self-cleaning technology which is actually an anti-wrap mechanism that prevents hair from getting tangled around the brushes.

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Converts to a handheld vacuum

Should you need to clean above the floor, you can detach the stick and it easily becomes a portable and lightweight handheld vacuum and the cleaning head still retains the same power even when it becomes a handheld unit.

Dirt cup and filtration

The dustbin capacity is 700ml which is small but it’s a decent size given that this is a stick vacuum cleaner. It’s a good option as the main vacuum in small to medium size homes.

While it may not have a HEPA filter, the filtration system incorporated in this Shark ZS362 is pretty efficient and reliable. It’s based on cyclonic action and consists of several mechanical air filters including pre-motor filters, additional foam and felt filters, as well as a post-motor air filter which is a felt exhaust filter.

Therefore, no dust or any other allergens are likely to return into the cleaned space once sucked up.

If there’s any setback to point out it would probably be that the power cord doesn’t have the self-winding capability. However, there are two hooks where you manually wrap the cord around for storage.

Long story short, this Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean is a well designed and efficient unit. It’s an option we would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best corded stick vacuum for pet hair.

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2. Bissell PowerEdge Pet

Cleaning head

The Bissell PowerEdge is particularly designed for nothing else but hard floors, especially those with delicate surfaces like laminate and vinyl. First of all, it has no rotating brush that could damage the surface while vacuuming.

Instead, it’s equipped with rubber squeegees that serve as wipers. They are very gentle and effectively clear out stains and dirt even the toughest ones.

The best part is that they somewhat attract particles and pet hair making it easy to capture and funnel them into the vacuum.

With a 720 watts motor, the suction power of this corded stick vacuum is inferior to some other models, but the secret to its incredible performance is none other than its V-shaped base.

It’s designed such that the ends of the V head captures small, fine debris while directing the large ones towards the center where the suction power is greatest.

This effective design allows the vacuum to clean the floor so efficiently grabbing both larger and tiny particles that most other cleaners can’t. The cleaning head has a width of 11.35 inches. It covers much more ground with every single pass.

The wheels are covered with rubber which is very thoughtful as unlike plastic wheels, this glide smoothly without scuffling the surface.

Pet cleaning performance

As far as pet hair cleaning is concerned, the Bissell PowerEdge is true to its word. It’s an impressive pet hair cleaner. The rubber squeegees attract pet hair very well which are picked up easily with strong suction. There are no brushes, so no cutting out wrapped hairs.

This Bissell corded stick vacuum also cleans up easily around furniture due to it’s swiveling head but the problem is that it doesn’t lay completely flat, so getting under low furniture can be a bit tough.

Dirt cup and filtration

The exact capacity of the dirt cup is not specified but the container is around 15 inches with a height of 5 inches and 4 inches to the fill line. It can approximately hold 2 cups of dirt or about 470ml of dirt which is not much but enough to last you a few cleaning sessions.

The filtration system is as well a decent one. The unit utilizes two filters consisting of the main filter which is a foam filter and a pre-motor filter which is a corrugated/pleated filter.

They do a good job of keeping dust and other airborne particles from getting back to the surrounding but they are not as effective as HEPA-style filters especially if you suffer from allergens.

The foam filter is washable while the pleated filter will need to be replaced once in a while. Now there are no major drawbacks other than the inability to get under low furniture.

An attachment could come in handy here but unfortunately, the unit doesn’t come with one either. The power cord is also a regular type, it’s not retractable but you can wind it on hooks on the machine.

Overall, the Bissell PowerEdge is a reliable and efficient vacuum that performs superbly on bare floors. It may not have any attachments for cleaning other surfaces but for hardwood floors, it’s certainly up to the task.

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3. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 – Best Shark vacuum for laminate floors

Shark is well known for making great vacuums and making it again in our list is their Rocket DuoClean HV382 model. If you are looking for the best corded stick vacuum cleaner from Shark, then this might just be it.

Main cleaning head

The first thing to like about this Shark stick vacuum is that its design is geared more towards hard floor cleaning.

The unit comes with a set of two high quality rotating brushes, a soft brush roll, and another stiff-bristled rotating brush. The soft brush roll does a fantastic job with regards to cleaning hardwood floors.

The bristles are smooth and glide gently on the surface to pick up dirt and debris which are then lifted into the vacuuming unit. The rotation of the brush is slow, so it gets to remove even the stuck-on dirt and dust. It leaves the surface looking almost polished.

The stiff bristle brush roll remains turned off while the soft brush is on and it is really reliable for deep cleaning carpets. It works well on both low-pile to medium-pile carpets.

Suction power

Like the Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362 above, the motor of this corded stick vacuum uses around 600 watts of power.

That’s enough to deliver a very strong suction that can quite effectively lift various kinds of debris from small particles to large ones. Most hard floor motors utilize a maximum of 500 watts.

When paired with an equally effective soft brush roll, you can tackle any kind of dirt on your floor with this unit.

Pet hair cleaning

If you are dealing with a pet that sheds a lot of hair or fur regularly, then the Shark Rocket HV382 would come in pretty handy.

It features a pet multi-tool made up of a mini motorized brush and a crevice tool. The brush captures well-embedded pet hair on surfaces. It easily gets all tangled pet hair off chairs and couches which are sucked up instantly.

The cleaner head swivels like in many of Sharks stick vacuums. It’s simple to maneuver and fits into tight spaces.

Even much better, Shark has added powerful LED lights to the cleaning head which are very useful when you are cleaning dark areas. You get to spot hidden dirt and debris quickly.

Another noteworthy feature is that you can transform the unit from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum allowing you to access and clean tight corners, ceilings and other above-the-floor areas with much ease.

Dirt cup and filters

The dirt cup can hold around 861 ml of debris and dirt which is a nice size compared to many other stick vacuums. It’s slightly larger than a standard stick vacuum dust bin.

The Shark HV382 model comes equipped with a HEPA standard filter. This is amongst the best filters you find in vacuum cleaners. It’s a very efficient filter that will capture all dust, particles, and allergens that are greater than 0.3 microns in diameter.

Therefore, you are guaranteed clean and better air quality whenever you are vacuuming. The filters are washable and require cleaning every two weeks.

There’s no serious downside we could spot about this unit. The features are all great but perhaps the only thing that might not be that pleasing is that it’s a bit noisy. The maximum noise level is 86 dB which is a little above average but not too annoying either.

In short, in terms of form, function, and performance, the Shark Rocket HV382 doesn’t disappoint. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for the best corded stick vacuum.

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4. Hoover Linx

The Hoover Linx is actually another top-rated corded stick vacuum cleaner. It does an adequate job just like the other top corded models on our list.

Cleaning performance on hardwood floors

The performance of the Hoover Linx on hardwood floors is great and this is because it has a strong suctioning power than most other stick vacuums with an efficient suction head design.

The cleaner mouth is large almost 11 inches wide and the motor consumes about 220 watts of power, thereby it can lift debris of different sizes and shapes.

Another important feature that makes this Hoover vacuum ideal for hardwood floors is that it doesn’t blow the dirt around or spit it back out while vacuuming.

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It features Hoover’s WindTunnel Technology which minimizes chances of blowback and scatters while removing dirt.

It’s what makes it even more efficient and the best thing is that the brush roller can be turned off while cleaning your wood floor to prevent any scratches on the surface.

Cleaning performance on carpets

The brush roll, however, performs really well in cleaning carpets. The bristles are stiff and there are even more bristles placed along the edge of the cleaner allowing it to remove dirt and debris from all areas including edges and narrow spaces.

To make the cleaning process effortless, Hoover has included an extreme recline handle on this model as well as swivel steering, Therefore, moving around corners and furniture is easy plus the unit has a low profile base, so it fits under furniture without much straining.

Pet hair cleaning

The Hoover Linx picks up pet hair as well as human hair efficiently this is due to the wide cleaner mouth and the strong suction power of the unit.

The brush roll is also quite reliable at removing pet hair from area rugs and carpets although they tend to get wrapped around the bristles which may be difficult to remove since it has no anti-tangle feature.

Dirt cup and filters

The dirt bin can hold about 1200 ml of dirt which is larger than the other models. It will not fill up quickly. It can last you several cleaning sessions before requiring emptying.

As for the filter, the unit uses a foam filter that traps fine dust and dirt well although it can get clogged with dust a little fast. The good thing though is that it’s washable, so you can quickly restore it to proper form and function.

In general, if the Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 model did not win you over, then the Hoover Lins SH20030 vacuum is a fantastic option. It’s gentle on the hardwood floor yet offers high performance and reliability.

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5. Miele Swing H1 Tactical

Miele is amongst the most successful and reputable brands on the market and the Swing H1 Tactical does so well to uphold that trend. It’s a very well-made vacuum with a design that’s probably geared towards two surfaces, primarily. Hard floors and low-pile carpet flooring.

Like I just mentioned earlier, the Miele Swing H1 is a vacuum designed primarily for two surfaces, hard floors, and low-pile carpet flooring. Below is how it performs on both floors as well as when it comes to picking up pet and human hair.

Performance on hardwood floors

The Swing H1 comes with a wider cleaner head, it’s 11.9 inches wide bigger than the other models. It covers an adequate space in a single pass, thereby it performs great when cleaning spots as it can get everything at once.

What makes it even more effective is the Miele Vortex motor which puts out 1000 watts. It’s a  powerful motor that provides more than enough suction to pick up every piece of dust, dirt, and debris on a hardwood floor.

The unit features a brush roll which turns off when it’s on hardwood floors. The brush does a decent job too with regards to cleaning carpets. However, it’s only very effective on low-pile carpets, if it’s too dense, then it might not clean it as thoroughly as a low –pile carpet.

Pet hair cleaning

Pet owners can relatively rely on this unit as it also does a decent job at picking up stray pet hair. The suction power is quite sufficient and the wide nozzle head picks pet fur easily.

The only setback is that the brush may get clogged by long strands of hairs when cleaning carpet flooring. For hardwood floors, that’s not something you will have to worry about.

The Swing H1 Tactical comes with several useful accessories to aid and enhance your cleaning even more. Miele has included a 6” crevice tool that allows you to access and clean tight and hard to reach areas effortlessly.

There’s an upholstery tool that’s as well a nice bonus best used for cleaning your couch cushions and chairs.

Dustbag and filter

Miele Swing H1 Tactical is a bagged vacuum cleaner and the dust bag can hold up to 2500 ml of dirt and debris which is quite a lot compared to the rest.

It can last you a whole week or even two before replacing it and the even much better is that the unit is equipped with a dustbag change indicator that lets you know when the dustbag is full and needs replacement.

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The filters and the bag come already installed and completely sealed. it does not have a HEPA filter but it has an effective multilayer filtration system.

There is a pre-motor filter which is an electrostatically charged filter that drastically captures all the fine dirt particles and is followed by Miele’s  AirClean exhaust filter which equally does a great job at capturing microscopic particles. It’s not an HEP-certified filter but if you have allergen then you rely on it to keep your air clean.

To sum it all, the Miele Swing H1 Tactical may not be the best corded stick vacuum on our list but it’s a decent option that will get the job done without damaging your floor. It also gives you some flexibility as you can clean carpets with it although only low-pile carpets.

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