Best Miele vacuum cleaners

  • Weight, lbsWeight, lbs
  • Dust bin capacity, mlDust bin capacity, ml
  • Cleaning path, inCleaning path, in
  • Motorized brushrollMotorized brushroll
  • Noise level, dbNoise level, db
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Classic C1 Pure Suction

  • Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction
  • Weight, lbs10
  • Dust bin capacity, ml3500
  • Cleaning path, in16
  • Motorized brushrollNo
  • Noise level, db50
  • Warranty7 years on motor and casing, 1 year on parts
  • Compact C1 Pure Suction

  • Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction
  • Weight, lbs14.8
  • Dust bin capacity, ml3500
  • Cleaning path, in29.5
  • Motorized brushrollNo
  • Noise level, db50
  • Warranty7 years on motor and casing, 1 year on parts
  • Compact C2 Electro+

  • Miele Compact C2 Electro+
  • Weight, lbs10
  • Dust bin capacity, ml3300
  • Cleaning path, in36
  • Motorized brushrollYes
  • Noise level, db63
  • Warranty7 years on motor and casing, 1 year on parts
  • Complete C2

  • Miele Complete C2
  • Weight, lbs19.5
  • Dust bin capacity, ml4495
  • Cleaning path, in16
  • Motorized brushrollNo
  • Noise level, db57
  • Warranty7 years on motor and casing, 1 year on parts
  • Complete C3 Marin

  • Miele Complete C3 Marin
  • Weight, lbs23
  • Dust bin capacity, ml4500
  • Cleaning path, in13
  • Motorized brushrollYes
  • Noise level, db68
  • Warranty7 years on motor and casing, 1 year on parts

Are you tired of reading a bunch of Miele vacuum reviews that provide readers with zero useful information?

Well, if the answer is yes – we have some good news for you. If you stick with our overview of the best Miele cleaners, you will be able to make an informed decision when buying a new vacuum.

After all, no one wants to splash the cash on an appliance that does not suit their cleaning needs. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the reviews of the 5 best Miele models in the current market.

Miele vacuum reviews

1. Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction

Ever since 1899, Miele has been producing first-rate home appliances. As it seems, the Miele Classic C1 is one such model as well. So, let’s examine why many experts refer to this device as one of the best Miele vacuum cleaners out there.

6-speed variable suction

It goes without saying that Miele is one of the biggest brands in the world of vacuum cleaners. Well, their proprietary Vortex motor is among the reasons why Miele stands above the rest. In other words, the Vortex motor delivers 1200W of continuous suction power without any glitches whatsoever.

Moreover, the Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction offers you a chance to reduce the power of the suction, if need be. To clarify, the rotary dial on the front of the vacuum allows the users to adjust the power. As a result, you can control the suction and achieve optimal cleaning performances. In addition, this motor also comes with thermal protection which eliminates overheating.

Excellent filtration

When going through Miele vacuum reviews, everyone looks at the quality of filtration. After all, the quality of the air that we breathe is of the utmost importance. When it comes to the Miele Classic C1, this model comes equipped with three levels of filtration.

To be precise, the first level of protection against the allergens is the bag itself, which captures a lot of the particles. Since this model uses the proprietary Miele bags, the so-called FJM series, you can rest assured that dust will stay inside. The self-sealing collar on the bag will make sure of that!

On top of that, Miele Classic C1 is equipped with a pre-motor filter, as well as one at the exhaust. The filters are a part of the renowned AirClean Sealed System. In short, this technology makes sure that the air flows through the filters and not through the cracks in the body of the vacuum.

Great cleaning performances on hardwood floors

Due to its SBD 285-3 floor head, Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction can collect the debris from all sorts of surfaces. The reason for this lies in the versatile nature of the cleaning head. Moreover, the trick is in the switch which protracts and retracts the bristles.

In addition, this model comes with a standard set of accessories. So, you will receive the upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush as a part of the package. Needless to say, all the tools can be conveniently attached to the body of the vacuum. Miele calls this system the VarioClip. Likewise, the retractable cord is a highly convenient feature as well.

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2. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

Among Miele vacuum models, the Compact C1 is one of the most affordable vacuums. Nonetheless, this appliance is German-engineered, which usually results in a long-lasting life span. Here is what makes it one of the best in class.

Convenient and ergonomic design

Many reviews of Miele vacuums will tell you that Miele makes portable and maneuverable devices. Well, they say it because it’s true. For instance, the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction is nimble and agile. As a result, you will have no problems when moving it around your home. Moreover, the three castor wheels at the bottom can rotate in 360 degrees, which further enhances mobility. Also, the wheels are soft so they will not scratch your delicate flooring.

3-stage filtration

Over the years, the quality of Miele dustbags has become legendary. For example, the so-called FJM bags consist of a 9-ply material, which permanently traps dust and debris. Well, the Compact C1 features this type of bag, in addition to some other filtration systems as well.

Namely, this model comes equipped with a pre-motor filter and an exhaust filter. Even though they are not HEPA-approved, these high-quality filters will make the air fresh and allergy-free. Yet, it is important to note that Compact C1 is one of those Miele vacuum cleaners where HEPA filters can be added as an upgrade.

Miele Vortex motor

Nowadays, most Miele models come equipped with their proprietary Vortex technology. Of course, why would they change something that works perfectly? In fact, Vortex motors are well-known for their silent operation as well as formidable suction power. In the case of the Compact C1, the suction levels can be adjusted by the rotary dial at the front of the machine. Only the best Miele vacuums come with this feature, which allows homeowners to find the optimal cleaning mode with ease. Also, this model makes around 70 decibels of noise, which means that you can talk to family members while cleaning the house.

Attachments and tools

Even though the Compact C1 is an entry-level model, it can provide you with exceptional cleaning performance. One of the reasons for its efficiency comes from the flexible combo brush. By pressing the switch on the top of the SBD 285-3, users can adjust the ‘purpose’ of the floor brush.

Either way, the swivel neck will allow you to maneuver around furniture with ease. As you can see in our Miele vacuum comparison chart, the Compact C1 also comes with a standard set of accessories: upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.

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3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+

The next entry on our list of Miele vacuum reviews comes from the C2 line, which should be a step-up from the C1 models. So, let’s see if the Compact C2 Electro+ can deliver even better cleaning performance than the models we already reviewed.

Motor-driven brush

Without a doubt, the most important feature of the Compact C2 Electro+ is the motor-driven brush. As the name says, this brush has a separate motor, which allows the powerhead to glide over carpets and rugs. With its 5 height adjustment levels, the SEB 228 floorhead can cover any type of carpets you may have in your home. On top of that, large wheels help with moving through the fibers of a rug, no matter the thickness.

Other tools and attachments

The electro brush is not the only reason why this model is one of the best Miele canister vacuums out there. For instance, this model comes equipped with the flexible SBB Parquet-3 floorhead. As the name suggests, this cleaning head works best on hardwood floors. With its soft bristles and rubberized wheels, there is no way that this floorhead will damage the flooring.

Besides this agile floorhead, the Compact C2 Electro+ also comes with a set of convenient tools. Needless to say, the accessories can be attached to the hose with the use of the so-called VarioClip technology. The available tools are the upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a crevice tool.

Superior filtration

There is a good reason why Miele canister vacuum reviews pay so much attention to the quality of filtration. After all, the air we breathe is full of allergens and pathogens. Thus, our vacuum cleaners need to be on top of their game if we want to have clean and fresh air in our home.

So, the potential owners of a Compact C2 Electro+ model will be happy to hear that this device comes with a pre-installed HEPA filter. In combination with the Miele AirClean Sealed System, the HEPA filter will stop 99.9% of allergens and debris from getting back out. Also, the good news is that the HEPA filter has a lifespan of 1-2 years. So, change the FJM bags on a regular basis and your home will be allergen-free at all times.

Powerful suction power

As you can see from our Miele canister vacuum comparison chart, the Compact C2 Electro+ also comes equipped with a 1200W Vortex motor. It goes without saying that this motor can deliver more than enough suction power. On top of that, the controls on the handle will allow you to turn on or off the motor on the floorhead. By doing so, the transition from carpets to bare floors can be quick and effortless.

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4. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor – Best Miele vacuum for hardwood floors

Besides an eye-catching design and its attractive Tech Blue color, the Miele Complete C2 comes with an array of excellent features as well. In fact, experts agree that this is the best Miele vacuum for hardwood floors. Here is why.

Specialized floorheads

Although many Miele vacuums can be used as all-rounders, some of them are best suited for a specific type of flooring. As it turns out, the Complete C2 model is perfect for homes where hardwood, tiles, or stone are the dominant type. The reason for this hides in the brushes that come with this particular Miele vacuum cleaner.

The first one is the soft parquet brush (SBB 400-3 Parquet Twister XL), which has an extended cleaning path. Believe it or not, the width of this brush is 16’’, which significantly reduces cleaning time. The other brush is the SBD 285-3, which comes equipped with a height-adjustment system. Even though this cleaning head is not motorized, it can tackle low-pile carpets and rugs.

Modern design

It goes without saying that functionality and usability are the most important aspects of a vacuum cleaner. However, an aesthetic appeal can also play a part. Well, one of the reasons why the Compact C2 is the best Miele vacuum for hardwood floors is the sleek and captivating design. At the same time, the aesthetic features of this model are contributing to the ease of use. For example, three castor wheels come with a full-swivel feature.  They allow effortless gliding over bare floors.

Also, the Miele Complete C2 includes a retractable cord. To be honest, we are all a bit “lazy” and why not have the vacuum retract the cord with a single touch of a button?! Likewise, the extended reach of the Complete C2 can be of use. To be precise, the cleaning radius of this model is 33 feet.

Integrated storage for tools and accessories

When preparing this Miele vacuum review, one of the features that blew our minds was the integrated storage of the accessories. Yes, the Miele Complete C2 lets you store the tools on-board, which means that the chances of losing the parts are down to zero. The convenient compartment opens up from the front of the device. So, you can use this space to place the upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.

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5. Miele Complete C3 Marin – Best Miele vacuum for carpet

If you are wondering what is the best Miele vacuum for oriental rugs and allergies, look no further than the Complete C3 Marin. As their top-end model, this vacuum cleaner has everything you’ll ever need from a residential vacuum cleaner.

Top-of-the-line cleaning head

To be able to deliver exceptional performances, Miele Complete C3 has to be equipped with first-rate components. Well, the SEB236 Electro brush is one such element, and this premium powerhead can tackle all types of carpets.

Not only that, this brush is great for pet hair as well. You can easily adjust the height, and the swivel neck is there to boost mobility. Moreover, a line of LED headlights will let you know if you missed a spot while vacuuming around the house. All in all, the Complete C3 is clearly the best Miele vacuum for carpets and rugs.

Extra tools and attachments

As we said, the Complete C3 is a flagship when it comes to Miele canister vacuum cleaners. As such, it is no wonder that this model can offer impressive cleaning performance on bare floors as well. With the help of the agile SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Brush, you can clean surfaces such as stone, linoleum, tile, and so on. On top of that, this cleaning head allows users to clean areas underneath the furniture.

If that doesn’t help, the Complete C3 has a couple more aces up its sleeve. By opening the compartment in the front part of the device, you will see what we refer to. A group of three useful accessories is stored inside the storage unit. Needless to say, these tools (upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush) can help with cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your home.

Adjustable suction power

Another reason why this is one of the best Miele vacuums in the market hides in the fact that users can adjust the suction power with ease. To clarify, there is no more bending down to reach the rotary dial. On the contrary, the Complete C3 series features a set of six stylish push buttons. Also, you can use the large plus and minus buttons to change the suction levels. Either way, this system lets you adjust the airflow to achieve the most efficiency. Speaking of optimal performance, the Auto option will regulate the suction on its own. As such, this amazing feature eliminates the guesswork.

High-quality filtration

Needless to say, the complete C3 also relies on the admirable AirClean Sealed System to prevent air leakage. On top of that, this model comes with a pre-installed HEPA (AH-50) filter. All the dust and debris are stored in the high-capacity Miele GN bags. These bags have a blue clip, unlike the FJM ones which come with a red collar. Of course, both types have self-sealing collars that prevent the dust from getting out.

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Why you should buy a Miele vacuum cleaner

As a brand, Miele is well-known for creating the perfect synergy of design and functionality. Even so, many homeowners are asking the same question: Is Miele vacuum worth the money?

For that reason, we decided to prepare a quick guide on the advantages of Miele products. After reading this list, you will be more than ready to buy a Miele vacuum for your needs and preferences.

Vortex motor and adjustable suction power

One of the main strengths of Miele vacuum cleaners comes from within, i.e. from the heart of the device. In other words, the praise-worthy Vortex motor provides these vacuums with powerful suction. In most cases, the motor creates 1200W of power while being as silent as possible.

On top of that, Miele lets you adjust the airflow to suit your cleaning needs. To clarify, Miele canister vacuums either come with a 6-settings rotary dial or with buttons on the front of the device. Either way, the users can control the suction power in an intuitive and convenient way. In addition, Miele top-end models offer the possibility of automatic regulation of suction.

Miele Filter Bag System

When choosing which Miele vacuum to buy, you should always pay attention to the filtration technology. Over the years, the Miele Filter Bag system has built a reputation as being the undisputed king of dustbags. Both the FJM or the GN bags can provide stellar performance when it comes to capturing and storing the dust and debris.

In combination with HEPA filters, Miele canister vacuums can provide clean and fresh air. As a matter of fact, the quality of air could be better than the one provided by an air purifier. Therefore, choose either blue or red bags and free your home from allergens.

VarioClip Technology

In fact, it is quite difficult to determine which Miele canister vacuum is best. After all, most of them can often similar suction power and similar cleaning performance. Yet, the specialized attachments can help with specific tasks. As a rule of thumb, Miele canister vacuums come with three accessories – upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush. On top of that, Miele uses the proprietary VarioClip system to keep these gadgets attached to the body of the vacuum.

Of course, high-end models can store the tools in storage compartments. Yet, the VarioClip will also make the accessories stay in place no matter what. With the use of the U-shaped clip, users can easily attach the set to the base of the hose. By doing so, the accessories will be within reach at all times. Most important, they will not get lost!


As you can see from our Miele canister vacuum comparison chart, Miele offers the same warranty period for all models. In translation, you will get 7 years of warranty on German-manufactured motor and casing. Also, Miele provides a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. All in all, your servicing needs will be covered in full. Not that you will need them much because the average use of a residential Miele vacuum is 20 years!


In conclusion, our Miele vacuum reviews have covered all the benefits and downsides of buying some of the best Miele canister vacuums out there. The bottom line is that these devices can provide homeowners with top-notch cleaning performance. Of course, the trick is in finding the model that best suits your lifestyle and your cleaning preferences. Luckily, Miele provides a wide array of models, and everyone should be able to find a model that suits their needs.


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