Best vacuum cleaner brands: TOP 10 on the market today

What better way to find the best vacuum cleaner for your budget than to learn about vacuum cleaner brands?

In this article, we’ll talk about the best vacuum manufacturers known for their marvelous vacuum cleaners. For example, Dyson produces high-end vacuums, whereas Miele is known for best bagged vacuums.

Stick with us to find out what companies you can rely on when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner that works like a charm.

Top 10 vacuum cleaner brands

Below you’ll find our top vacuum cleaner brands list. Browse through it and find the company that delivers just the kind of vacuum cleaner you’re aiming for.

1. Dyson – high-end vacuums

Everyone has heard of Dyson vacuum cleaners – they’re top of the line models! But how it all started?

Well, in 1978 James Dyson was trying to improve the performance of his vacuum cleaner, called Hoover Junior. He soon came to an idea of using the cyclone technology and so he started working on this. Although it took several years, James Dyson managed to create the 1st bagless vacuum – the remarkable DC01. DC means ‘dual cyclone’. Dual cyclone refers to a single motor that creates suction and drives the brush roll. After this, James Dyson and his team continued to create innovative technologies and products.

Today, Dyson offers an array of vacuum cleaners: cordless, upright, canister, and handheld. So you will certainly find the model that suits your needs. Dyson V11, V8, and V6 are Dyson’s most popular vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners offer deep-cleaning thanks to innovative technologies and features. Some of them are designed to automatically adjust their power according to the type of floor they’re cleaning. Others will help you clean a big house in no time.

2. Shark – one of the best upright vacuums

Shark is also one of the top vacuum cleaner brands, delivering some of the best upright models. But, we have to disappoint you, if you’re looking for an old school vacuum cleaner, you won’t find it here. Shark has been around since 1998, delivering innovative products that make everyday chores much faster and easier. This brand offers reasonable prices and good-quality products.

Best Shark uprights feature Lift-Away Technology that gives you the convenience of having both an upright and a portable vacuum cleaner. So, you get two vacuums in one. Models like DuoClean NV700 feature DuoClean floorhead that handles every type of flooring. The company also offers models designed for vacuuming pet hair, such as TruePet NV601. What’s great about Shark vacuum cleaners is a more affordable price compared to Dyson. Best Shark uprights are Apex Zero-M, Rocket DuoClean, and ION P50.

3. Miele – best bagged vacuums

When we’re talking about best expensive vacuum cleaner brands, it’s certain that we’ll mention Miele as well. Miele was established in 1899, and to this day, this family-owned company has been giving the world just the products it needs, from kitchen appliances to vacuum cleaners. It is also a member of the sustainability organization, helping us to preserve our planet.

Best Miele bagged vacuum cleaners – Compact C2, Miele Dynamic, and Miele Blizzard are known for durability, ease of use and top-notch performance. And its flagship is the Miele C3 series. Miele bagged cleaners are easy to store, have incredible suction power and make much less noise compared to other bagged vacuum cleaners. Swivel castors allow them to move smoothly on the floors. If you’re looking for a high end bagged vacuum cleaner, Miele models have plenty to offer.

4. Bissell – best value

Ever since the Bissel family started their cleaning business in 1876, they brought a number of ground-breaking appliances on the market. They received an award in 1957 for their manual carpet shampooer. Big Green Clean Machine® and PowerGroom® were also a big deal at the time. In 2005, the company started selling its SpotBot® – a portable cleaner that could handle pet hair and pet messes.

The company contributes to pet charities and in 2011 their Pet Foundation was founded. On top of all, BISSEL takes care of our planet by keeping the sustainability of their top priority. This is a company truly devoted to changing people’s lives for the better. And BISSEL vacuum cleaners are just one more proof of that.

When it comes to BISSEL vacuum cleaners, you can choose among uprights, stick, robotic, handheld and canister vacuums. Bissell 9595A is one of their bestselling products, with flagship technology called ‘One Pass’.

5. Hoover – excellent pet hair cleaning

Hoover is also one of the popular vacuum brands, and this is so for good reason. It has been on the market for over 100 years. In 1926, this company introduced the famous beater bar that thoroughly collected dirt from the carpets. Hoover still uses this ground-breaking technology in its vacuum cleaners.

Other technologies worth mentioning are FloorSense Technology, WindTunnel® Technology, or Advanced Action™ Brush Roll. These will help you to promptly and easily get rid of pet hair so you can actually spend some quality time with your beloved pet. Hoover offers some of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners, such as Hoover FUSION and Hoover PowerDrive.

6. Oreck – one of the best vacuum cleaner brands for commercial and home use

If you’re looking for the best commercial vacuum, take a look at Oreck – American vacuum company. Founded in 1963, the company has been helping hotel businesses to keep their service at a high level. As a large company, Oreck helps to put an end to human trafficking in supply chains. In addition, the company has a partnership with the Battery Recycling Corporation.

From steam mops and air purifiers, to vacuum cleaners, Oreck made cleaning floors a whole lot easier. These American vacuums feature technologies (SaniSeal filtration system, LED headlights, Auto-stop, fingertip control) that ensure deep cleaning of carpets. The best models are Elevate Cordless and Compact Canister.

7. Eureka

Eureka – Midea Group’s brand was founded in 1909. This is an American vacuum manufacturer as well. What’s great about Eureka vacuum cleaners is durability, maneuverability, and powerful suction. This is thanks to innovative technologies and features used in manufacturing – washable filter, LED lights, EasyGlide wheels, HEPA filtration, advanced swivel steering, and ergonomic handle. Whether you want to invest in a stick vacuum, bagless upright, canister or handheld vacuum, Eureka has you covered.

8. Shop-Vac – best wet and dry vacuums

Do you have a workshop and need a vacuum cleaner that will keep the mess under control? No problem! Shop-Vac offers just the kind of vacuums! This is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands for wet and dry models.

The company has been around since 1953, constantly improving their line of vacuums to bring perfection to its customers, whether for household or commercial use. Lock-On® Hose and Tank Drain are just some of the features you’re gonna love about Shop-Vac vacuum cleaners. If you’re in a need of a high-performance vacuum that can tackle any kind of dirt or spill, Shop-Vac is up for the challenge.

9. iRobot – best robot vacuums

Are you looking for the best robot vacuums? Well, iRobot is just the company to count on! This one is among leading vacuum brands as far as robot vacuums are concerned. The company is really focused on bringing us new-age technology and vacuum cleaners. Its latest model – Roomba i7+ features automatic dirt disposal! How amazing is this? Its best-selling vacuum is the Roomba 600.

The company iRobot uses the following features and technologies on their vacuum cleaners – Dirt Detect™ sensors, 3-Stage Cleaning System, Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, and Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head. For a cleaner home, you can also purchase a Braava jet pad.

Founded in 1990, iRobot has sold over 25 million products. Needless to say, the company isn’t afraid to think outside the box considering that it is constantly working on new kinds of robots, not only for home use but also for hospitals and other institutions that could benefit from it.

10. Tineco – high-end cordless stick vacuum cleaners

Tineco is a brand of Ecovacs, the Chinese company that develops robotic units. With more than 20 years of experience, this company gives its best to make the way we clean smart.

Tineco is actually a competitor of one of the best-known vacuum cleaner brand names – Dyson. Offering high-end stick vacuums that are lightweight and powerful, Tineco seems to be on a par with Dyson’s stick vacuums. Their main advantage is the price – it’s significantly lower than Dyson’s.

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Tineco A10 and A 11 Hero stick vacuums are very popular options for households. The 4-stage filtration system, LED power brush, bigger dustbin are some of the features you can get with a Tineco stick vacuum.

And these were the best vacuum cleaner brands that you can trust when choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home.

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