BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet

  • Swivel steering body
  • Edge to edge cleaning
  • Multi-cyclonic suction
  • Cord rewind

8.9Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
The Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet as the name suggests is the most suitable for pet owners but it all also be as good for regular cleaning.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Special accessories for removing cat and dog pet fur
  • Cheaper than other similar vacuum cleaners
  • Effectively cleans every corner of the house
  • Washable filters
  • Larger dust container
  • Not good at cleaning cereal
  • No motorized brush tool
  • No storage space for tools

The Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet is an economical yet best product for removing pet hair at a budget price. The multi-cyclonic suction and multiple pet tools make it sound like the best option around. In this review, we will go through all the characteristics and check if this product is actually as good as the company claims it to be.

BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet review

Cord rewind

Most people prefer cordless devices over corded but this cleaner is here to change that. The problem people face with corded vacuums is either wire is so short that you need an extension cable. Or it is so long that managing the cord while vacuuming seems impossible. Bissell CleanView Deluxe solved the first problem by offering a 27 ft long cord.

With a cord this long, the user has the optimum freedom to do the job without feeling restricted at all. The second problem was the messy cable but is not an issue anymore. As the name suggests, Bissell CleanView has a rewind mechanism. This cord is inside a see-through compartment. Just grab the plug and cord comes out easily. Feeding it back in it completely automatic. Because the cord wraps itself around quickly when the job is done.

Swivel steering

Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet

Who does not hate those rigid vacuums that offer no head movement? Well, those vacuums have earned hatred. They make vacuuming difficult and leaves customers unsatisfied. In this Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet review, you will know how this product is different. Bissell CleanView Deluxe has a swivel steering technology. This gives the users optimum freedom.

Now you can move the vacuum and clean every little corner of your home. It is also made cleaning under the couch easier as the body is quite flexible. This ball joint neck enables this cleaner to do the job without requiring any extra effort manually.

Multi-floor triple-action brush roll

The main floor tool of this device is suitable to use on every type of surface. This mechanism is at the very bottom of the vacuum cleaner and can be accessed easily. The swivel steering and plastic wheels on the bottom along with the light-weighted mechanism enable free movement.

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Many vacuums that claim deep cleaning only have double brush technology. But the special and unique brush has three separate lines of bristles of this upright vacuum cleaner. This tool can vibrate the dirt particles that have settled in the depth of the carpet. It is equally helpful at removing pet fur. This triple-action feature helps to clean the house from any type of hair. Even if it is in the oddest location or deep corners of your home.

Scatter free technology

Bissell Rewind Pet vacuum cleanerThe top problem of many users that they face while using an upright vacuum is scattering debris. Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet Deluxe upright vacuum cleaner has an amazing solution for that. This vacuum comes with a scatter free feature. And how does it work? Well, for example, if there is confetti on the floor it sounds easier to clean. But many times when you move the vacuum towards it, due to the brush roll the confetti starts moving in all the direction. With Bissell CleanView Deluxe adjusting the height of the device is easier. So, when there is something on the floor that might scatter, just adjust the height. When the brush roll of not direct connects detailed cleaning is faster.

Transparent stretch hose

After reading this Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet review it would be easier to assume that this transparent hose is of the best quality. Well, the vacuum comes with a deluxe transparent hose. This hose looks compact and shorter and sits right in its spit. This enables the user to clean using a multi-floor brush tool without getting tangled. But when the hose is stretched out completely it is 8 feet long. This hose can be used alone to pick up dirt pile or used with other tools for detailed cleaning.

Other tools & accessories

Bissell Rewind Pet upright vacuum cleaner

Crevice tool: A tool with a long and slender body but is pointed at the end. It helps cleaning the corners out of reach and touch. The tool itself is not long enough but can also work with the transparent hose or extension wand.

Dusting brush tool: This is a normal looking brush with plastic bristles. This brush tool is not motorized and needs manual force to loosen the dirt. It is helpful for cleaning curtains, ceiling fans, and dusting areas that are small. Meanwhile, it works great with other tools (for example, hose), it can also be used without any tools for manual dusting.

Pet turbo tool: The target audience for this product is pet owners. So, the pet turbo tool is the best deal. This tool has special bristles at the end with wide plastic bristles. This pet turbo tool gathers up all fur of your pet from different surfaces. And the strong suction cleans it up quickly.

Pet hair corner tool: This is another tool for removing animal hair. It has been seen that the hair off your pet can gather up in the corners. As everyone knows these nooks and crannies are the hardest to clean. This corner accessory is a unique triangular head. It will fit in every corner of the room and get ever stand of pet fur.

Extension wand: The last tool this product provides is the extension tool. This wand is not the longest and is about a foot long. But it makes cleaning under a cupboard, tables, and other furniture easier. Furthermore, this wand is usable with another kind of tools mentioned above for detailed work.

Removable cyclone

The removable cyclone makes the process easier for users. These are also washable and you can use it when they are dry again.

Pre-motor filter

Everyone as aware of the fact that dust settles in the machine. This can make the product stop working. But this has come up with the best solution. This vacuum has a filter for the motor. And this prevents dust, debris, and carbon from clogging the mechanism.

Large capacity

A larger dust container makes cleaning less tedious. As it means a lesser trip to the garbage can. This product offers a 2000 ml clear container. The transparency makes it possible to detect when the container needs to be cleaned out. Also, the button at the bottom of the container makes the emptying process hygienic.

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Foam filter

Unfortunately, this vacuum does not contain a HEPA filter. But the removable foam filter makes removing 80% of the dirt possible. It is also washable and reusable which makes it more economical than the bagged cleaners.

Performance on carpet

Works well over the carpet except that it does not catch the big debris (for example cereal).

Hardwood floor working

It has made cleaning hardwood surfaces easier. The performance suction cleanses the entire grime and smaller debris such as rice. The problem with larger particles of dirt is still the same here. The vacuum does not clean it but just pushes it towards the corner of the room.

Performance on cleaning pet hair

As Bissell CleanView Rewind Pet is marketed as a product for fur removal; it does this job best. You might have noticed in this review, it comes with 2 tools specifically designed to clean pet hair. This makes this product helpful in cleaning fur every kind of surface and floor.

Final thoughts

The lack of brush roll with motorized feature and Hepa filter might concern you at first. But as this review has shown all the other features, this product proves quite handy. The triple brush actions works as great as a motorized tool would do. Above all, the performance of this vacuum is overall good.

Specification: BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet



Weight (lbs)


Max Suction Power

1000 W

Adjustable Power


Noise Level (db)




Dust Bin Capacity (ml)





Runtime (min)

Charging Time (min)

Cord Length (ft)


Cord Rewind


Hose Length (ft)


Motorized Brushroll



Dusting brush

Cleaning Path (in)



1 washable foam filter, 1 pre-motor filter


1 extension wand, 1 crevice tool, 1 per turbo tool, 1 pet corner tool

Pet Hair Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning


Other Features


12 months

BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet

Average Score 8.9
Ease of use
Value for money

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