Hoover Air Steerable UH72400

  • Steerable technology for easy navigation
  • Wind Tunnel 3 technology
  • Multi-Cyclonic technology
  • 1200 ml capacity dustbin
  • 5-year warranty policy


7.7Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
The Hoover UH72400 vacuum is recommended for people who have any type of flooring. This includes high-pile carpets and people who have pets.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • The Wind Tunnel 3 and Multi-Cyclonic technologies make the Hoover twice as efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Best for carpeted floors and people with pets
  • It can smoothly transition from a bare floor to a carpet
  • Low profile and compact
  • Noisy
  • Pet tools need to be bought separately

Vacuum cleaners have extended their reach far beyond their traditional design. Now they come with internet connectivity and tons of great features. While the Hoover UH72400 is not a robotic vacuum, we find that you’ll be preferring this over any robot. Hoover is a cleaning companion made for users of all types of flooring. Be it hardwood, linoleum, epoxy, or carpets – Hoover runs on all.

What really makes the Hoover great is the steerable technology. It also uses 3 cleaning tunnels, eight cyclones, and zero effort to cleanout. The Hoover will be your best spring cleaning partner. And you get 5 years of free returns!

To know more, read our Hoover UH72400 review and see the product in action. We use authentic and stealthy tests that show the true potential of any vacuuming unit.

Lightweight and portable

The first and foremost feature of the Hoover Air Steerable is the lightweight and compact design. The Hoover is a neat vacuum that can be easily disassembled and reassembled for your convenience. You can detach the 9 feet hose and the wand to safely store the vacuum in cupboards and cabinets. The vacuum weighs about 13 pounds. The lighter weight makes the vacuum easier to pick up, store, and use in higher locations. The wand is also very lightweight, allowing you to lift it up and clean the above furniture.

In our Hoover UH72400 review, we found that the Hoover was very user-friendly.  The Hoover Air Steerable vacuum puts a lot of focus on usability. Every user, regardless of age and physical capability, can use the vacuum with zero hesitation. The controls on the handle remove the need to bend over to change settings. This will help tremendously to reduce back pain in the long run.

High suction power

Suction power is what makes vacuums go. And the Hoover UH72400 has quite a bulk of that. This Hoover model operates at a power input of 1300 watts at 11 amps. For comparison, most robotic vacuums work at 500 watts and stick vacuums at 1200 watts. However, among upright corded vacuums, the suction power is pretty average. But higher suction doesn’t always mean higher performance.

For instance, 1300 watts is enough to pick up pet hair and deep-set debris. Increasing the suction further would be redundant and actually cost more on the energy bill. Moreover, higher suction means more noise, and the efficiency starts reducing the more powerful the motor is. Hoover has a powerful motor that can suction almost anything.

Wind Tunnel 3 Technology

The Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 implements a unique technology. It uses what’s dubbed the Wind Tunnel 3 Technology. This system relies on three suction channels that pick up dirt and debris. Normal vacuums only use one wind channel. Because of this, their suction capacity becomes highly reduced. The Hoover is a unique vacuum in that it uses three wind tunnels to suction unwanted matter.

With this technology, the Hoover picks up dust and debris from every surface. It is able to pick up more hair and waste. And without this technology, Hoover wouldn’t be as efficient as it is. Wind Tunnel 3 technology increases vacuums coverage. It makes sure every particulate is sucked up by the powerful cyclones.

Multi-cyclonic suction

This is where it gets interesting. Most vacuums, even the robotic ones, use cyclones to keep giant clumps of dirt out of the air stream. The cyclonic wind helps keep the air stream clean. The main cleaning function is done by the filters. But if the filter gets clogged by the dirt, then frequent washes become mandatory.

However, with the Hoover, you get eight cyclones working to prevent dirt clogging. These cyclones suck up dirt from the air stream and keep it away from the filters. In this way, Multi-Cyclonic Technology prevents your filters from getting clogged. This immensely reduces the need for maintenance and frequent servicing.

Steerable Technology

Hoover UH72400 upright vacuum

The Hoover Steerable vacuum, as the name suggests, integrates Steerable Technology. This technology is used for navigation and helps you navigate smoothly through furniture and cabinets. The Hoover is great at navigating. The main feature is that the handle can be twisted in the direction you want to. This is pretty similar to a steering wheel or remote control.

Moreover, the handle features buttons that reduce the need to bend to change settings. The Hoover Air Steerable vacuum is a very user-friendly product with tons of new features and accessible settings. A simple touch of the button can change the setting from floor cleaning to carpet cleaning. The easy navigation paired with the simple functioning makes it the most user-oriented vacuum.

Allergen block Technology

We could’ve paired this with the HEPA filter for our Hoover UH72400 review, but it’s different. The Hoover UH72400 uses a simple Allergen Block system, but it’s powerful as it is. This technology prevents pet hair, dirt, microscopic particles, and much more from entering the air. The carpets and furniture we clean can accumulate pollen and spores. And when these are ignored by vacuum cleaners, they re-enter the air and cause allergic reactions.

The Hoover uses an Allergen Block technology that keeps all of these irritants away from your lungs. This vacuum is especially recommended if you have asthma or other problems.

HEPA reusable filter

HEPA is perhaps one of the most used filters in the vacuum industry, used by over 59% of vacuums. The Hoover UH72400 is no exception. It uses a reusable and washable HEPA filter that filters up to 99.97% of all dirt and germs. You may think that HEPA filters are pretty average as they are the most common type used. But our Hoover UH72400 review proves otherwise. Rest assured, HEPA filters top any other filter that some brands might employ.

HEPA filters filtrate particulates down to 0.3 microns. This includes viruses and bacteria as well. These filters remove harmful particles right down to the cellular level. Because of this high efficiency, HEPA filters are preferred in almost every vacuum. Hoover’s filter is not only HEPA standard but also washable. So you can wash the filter if it gets too dirty instead of having to buy a new one.

Infinite runtime

Infinite runtime is the one reason why many people opt for corded vacuums. With regular stick and robotic vacuums, you would need batteries to operate the system. These batteries hardly last an hour or two. And when they run out (which they often do), you’ll need to wait at least 4 hours to charge them.

However, with corded vacuums, you don’t need to wait so long. Since the cord is directly connected to the power outlet, you get infinite runtime until you plug the cord out. The Hoover UH72400 is an upright corded vacuum with a 30-foot long cord. The cord provides sufficient movement and power and can clean a medium-sized room. With a corded vacuum like the Hoover, you’ll be avoiding lengthy charging times and battery replacements.

The Hoover Air Steerable bagless upright vacuum is a great choice for those who want to cut down on waiting time. You won’t need to wait for the item to charge and the power cord provides enough wattage to keep the motor running.

14 feet extendable hose

The main hose included in the Hoover Air Steerable vacuum is hardly 9 feet long. However, the package comes with a ton of accessories. The 14 feet extendable hose is included in this. With the 14 Feet extension, you can now reach way under furniture and expand your cleaning area.

A hose is a great tool which when mastered can make cleaning twice as fast as before. The extension, along with the wand extension, can help clean ceilings and building exteriors. You can also use it if the cord is too short for your large room and you don’t have enough power outlets. The extendable hose featured with the Hoover UH72400 is an excellent tool that works well with the vacuum.

The Hoover Air Steerable vacuum comes with multiple other goodies which are mentioned later on.

Multi-floor brushes

Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 upright vacuum

The Hoover Air Steerable vacuum uses a single motorized brush roll to pick up dirt and polish the floor. The brush roll used in Hoover is an excellent combination of tenacity and perfection. This brush is a multi-floor brush roll. This means it can smoothly transition from bare floor to carpet with a single press of a button. When used on bare floors, the brush has a slight polishing effect. It is able to lift dirt from over 50 different types of floors, including hardwood and linoleum.

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On carpets, the brush bristles vigorously go deep into the carpet and lift up hair and dirt. Sometimes dirt can get stuck deep within the fibers of high-pile carpets. So a brush that picks up deep-set grime and dust is a great addition to your cleaning regime. The multi-floor motor brush works on all surfaces.

We were actually pretty shocked when we found out how well the vacuum performs on high-pile carpets. Those carpets are usually harder to master. So it came off as quite a surprise when the Hoover performed fantastically on them.

Pet hair performance

If you live with pets, you know where this is coming from. Pet hair is by far the hardest debris to vacuum. This is because they tend to get stuck deep inside the fibers of carpets. And if you let your pets near a high-pile carpet, we can only wish you good luck. However, with the Hoover UH72400, any surface and any debris are always one step away from being accomplished.

The Hoover Air Steerable vacuum gives amazing efficiency when cleaning pet hair. We can’t pinpoint exactly how efficient the motor is, but it picks up a majority of the pet hair. You might need to swipe over the area multiple times to actually catch the hair. But a few swipes are nothing too tiresome. In fact, Hoover performs better than most vacuums of this suction and size. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only one that can pick up pet hair.

High noise level

This is a drawback rather than a benefit. Since the Hoover Air Steerable vacuum uses a 1300 watt motor, it produces a lot of noise. The noise also comes as a by-product of low efficiency and wasted energy. The Hoover produces a noise of intensity up to 78 dB.

The noise level is pretty similar to other vacuums, so it’s nothing exceptionally noisy. But even then, Hoover produces enough noise to disturb pets and infants. Sleeping with the vacuum on becomes highly uncomfortable and challenging.

Noise level can’t be reduced, unfortunately. You can keep the door closed if you don’t want to hear the vacuum. But this won’t help if you need to be in the same room as the Hoover. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Steerable upright vacuum is very loud. But there are other features that completely trump this downside.

Dustbin capacity

The capacity of Hoover’s dustbin is about 1200 ml. For comparison, most other vacuums provide capacity between 1100 and 1300 ml. A robotic vacuum would provide about 500 ml of storage. And lower-end vacuums give about 900 ml of capacity. However, we have some even provide 1500 ml. So the numbers really vary from type and use of vacuum.

For Hoover, the 1200 ml capacity is a winner. The dustbin is able to hold a whole month of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied. Moreover, the dustbin is washable. So if it accumulates dirt over time, you can easily clean it out. In fact, most dust capturing components of the Hoover are washable. This makes it best for customer convenience and use.

Carpet performance

Most vacuums falter when ran over carpets. This is because dirt stuck in carpet fibers is harder to pick up by mere suction. Many vacuums employ the use of brush rolls to pick up this dirt. But many fail, especially on low-pile carpets. The Hoover UH72400 vacuum cleaner, however, is an excellent cleaning tool even on high-pile carpets.

It uses a special multi-floor technology that changes suction power on carpets. You can opt for the vacuum to increase its power output by a simple press of a button. However, remember that this technology will consume more power. When using this setting, Hoover is able to get pick up food crumbs, pet hair, kitty litter, and mud. The suction is excellent for use on high-pile carpets.

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Out of 5, we rate carpet performance a solid 4. It doesn’t deserve a full 5 because the Hoover doesn’t pick up all types of dirt. While writing our Hoover Wind Tunnel Air Steerable upright vacuum UH72400 review, there were some problems. For example, the Hoover doesn’t pick up tangled pet hair very well (the hair needs to be in single strands). And lifting dried grime might be impossible even for any other vacuum.


Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 attachmentsPerformance or quality, one thing’s for sure: accessories win our hearts. Products that come with dozens of little titbits make us jump with excitement. The Hoover Air Steerable UH72400 comes loaded with accessories. To start off with, you get a 14 feet extendable hose. The hose can be used in crevices and places where the 30 foot-long cord can’t take you. This hose is the best tool to extend your reach and clean under furniture and over long distances.

Apart from that, you get a 2-in-1 crevice tool. This tool functions as a suction as well as a dusting brush. It is to be used in crevices such as behind cupboards and under low-profile cabinets. It can also be used in-between furniture and inside desks and cupboards. The crevice tool is a great companion for everyday cleaning. The Hoover also features a removable cleaning wand that can extend to give you extra coverage.

While reading other Hoover Air Steerable reviews, we realized that this model doesn’t have many tools. There aren’t any more accessories included with the product. Other accessories can be separately bought and used. If you have pets in the house, a pet tool and upholstery tool are mandatory. The pet tool removes pet hair from carpets, whereas the upholstery tool removes it from couches. The soft dusting brush helps dust furniture and clean any residue left on it.

Warranty policy

Luckily, the Hoover Air Steerable vacuum provides a 5-year warranty policy. This means that if the vacuum breaks down due to manufacturing faults, you can get a refund or an exchange. 5 years may not seem a lot, but don’t forget manufacturing faults are easy to spot. Most faults don’t need 5 years to expose themselves. We have seen vacuums offering up to 10 years of warranty. But that isn’t really necessary, especially if you go through new vacuums regularly.

The warranty does not cover user damage such as water damage, trauma, and lack of maintenance. And if you’re buying from an unauthorized seller, the warranty is usually void.

Final thoughts

Hoover’s technology is a tremendous effort toward development. The Hoover UH72400 is drastically better than its predecessors. It has a lesser suction power since most vacuums end up wasting their power input anyway. In this way, you optimize your vacuum more and reduce energy consumption. This product is a neat creation that challenges the line between efficiency and power.

The Hoover UH72400 provides the best source of spring cleaning and everyday vacuuming. With its moderately high suction power and compact design, the Hoover becomes your companion. We recommend this vacuum for people who have carpeted floors, especially those with pets. However, if you have pets, you might want to consider buying a separate pet accessory tool. The pet cleaning accessories don’t come included with the vacuum, unfortunately.

To end this Hoover UH72400 review, our thoughts on the Hoover are the same as yours. It rocks every flooring and carpet, and can rock your world too! Try the Hoover out yourself and see the difference. You definitely won’t go for anything else after this.

Specification: Hoover Air Steerable UH72400

Hoover Air Steerable UH72400

Average Score 7.7
Ease of use
Value for money

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