• Low-profile, compact design
  • Up to 140 min of cleaning time
  • Several cleaning modes
  • HEPA filtration

7Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
At an affordable price, you get a reliable and durable robot vacuum equipped with several great features.
Value for money
  • Affordable
  • Several cleaning modes
  • Powerful battery
  • Large dust bin capacity
  • No mapping sensors
  • No smartphone control

ILIFE A4S review

As we all know, robot vacuum cleaners are a convenient and practical household gadget. However, these devices are still relatively expensive. But, ILIFE A4S is a budget-friendly model that can clean your home while you are away. With that in mind, our ILIFE A4S review will provide you with all the information about this particular robot vacuum cleaner.

Sleek and attractive design

Even though the aesthetic aspect is not the most important element when it comes to a vacuum cleaner, ILIFE A4S more than delivers on this front as well. After all, this vacuum will be running around your house all day long. It might as well be nice to look at!

And, ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner will attract a few glances. With its sleek and modern design, this model can stand shoulder to shoulder with the high-end models as well.


To be precise, the ILIFE A4S is built in a circular shape, with a diameter of 12.2 inches. The height of the devices is 3 inches, which is lower than most other robot vacuums in the market. Thus, the A4S can slide under furniture with no problems whatsoever. In other words, all the disgusting gunk from underneath the sofas and beds will be collected by this hard-working little robot.

On the upper part of the device, the designers have integrated the indicator button and the company logo. Nothing more. By doing so, the top area of the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum remains clean and clutter-free. Plus, the so-called Titanium/Gray combination of colors gives this model a premium feel.

Decent cleaning power can keep your floors clean

To determine its cleaning power, we had to put ILIFE A4S to the test. Needless to say, the hands-on approach is the best course of action when you want to assess a device. So, for the sake of our ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner review, we prepared several dirty surfaces for the vacuum to clean. Starting from rice and oats on hardwood floors to pet hair in the carpets – ILIFE A4S had to go through it all.

And, the results were better than we expected. To be clear, a robot vacuum cleaner within this particular price range will never offer the highest possible quality of cleaning. Yet, ILIFE A4S manages to collect all the dirt and dust off of your floors thanks to its 3-stage cleaning system.

ILIFE A4S robotic vacuum

Nicknamed the Cyclone Power, this system is now in its third generation, and the A4S comes with improved airflow. Speaking of airflow, the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner is surprisingly quiet as well. Since it creates only 54db of noise, the robot will not prevent you from watching TV or talking to your family while it glides around on the floor.

ILIFE A4S comes equipped with as many as 5 cleaning modes!

While we are on the subject of cleaning performances, it is important to note that the A4S model offers as many as 5 different cleaning modes. In other words, you’ll be able to pick and choose the one that best suits your current needs. So, in this section of our ILIFE A4S review, let’s see why each cleaning mode is needed.

Here is what the modes can do:

  • Auto: This mode is a sort of standard operation mode, and it will clean the floors in a random pattern until the battery starts running out.
  • Mini-room: In case you want to perform a more detailed cleaning of a certain space, pick the Mini-room mode and close the doors. Also, this mode saves battery power and shortens the duration of the cleaning process.
  • Spot: To further improve the cleaning of a certain small area, click the little spiral on the remote control. As a result, the vacuum will circle the spot on the floor and deep clean the area.
  • Edge: As we all know, the walls and corners are notoriously hard to reach for a robot vacuum. But, if you pick the Edge mode, the A4S will follow the walls and even hug the corners, cleaning all the debris along the way.
  • Schedule: Last but not least, the Schedule mode allows you to make a cleaning plan. You can schedule one cleaning session per each day of the week. For instance, many people decide to let the robot clean their homes while they are at work.

On top of all that, the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum comes equipped with a Max mode. In essence, if you press this button on the remote – the vacuum will enter a sort of turbo. The vacuuming power will rise, but so will the noise. But don’t worry, the noise level will be close to the one that you can hear when you activate an average upright vacuum cleaner. All in all, the Max mode will boost the cleaning performances, making the A4S much more efficient.

In a way, this particular model has been criticized for being somewhat ineffective. What we mean by this is that its random patterns demand a lot of time to cover a room. If you combine that with standard suction – the cleaning can last for hours. Thus, the Max mode is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to get the job done in a no-nonsense kind of way.

If you are interested in a budget robot vacuum with the damp mopping feature, read our ILIFE V5S Pro review.

How exactly does the ILIFE A4S work?

With a run time of up to 140 minutes, the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum can cover a large area. But, how does the cleaning process look like?

Well, this model features a set of side brushes, which are located on the front part of the device. These brushes may remind of you of the cat’s whiskers. Either way, the brushes will rotate as the A4S glides along the surface, and they will sweep all the debris towards the center of the vacuum.

If you are wondering why this happens, the answer is simple. And, it is hidden in the form of a rotating brush roll. In short, this tangle-free brush will agitate the carpets and collect the debris, including pet hair and other bigger chunks.

In addition to all that, the air suction from the vacuum will drag in all the dust and trap it inside the container. Speaking of the container, the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum comes with a large dustbin. The capacity of this detachable bin is 0.4 liters, which is more than enough for an average cleaning process. Of course, you can empty the container in a fast and straightforward manner. By pressing the button on the side of the device, the transparent bin will pop right out.

Also, it is important to note that the ILIFE A4S features a HEPA filtration system. What this means is that you can finally say goodbye to allergic reactions to dust. HEPA filters are well-known for their superior quality. When it comes to the A4S in particular, the filter is located within the dust bin. The body of the filter is protected with a polyester cover, which prolongs the longevity. Nonetheless, ILIFE will provide you with an extra filter so you can change them when the time comes.

Good maneuverability, but no mapping technology

If you go through different ILIFE A4S reviews, you will notice that many homeowners complain about the same thing. Yes, the lack of sophisticated mapping technology is one of the main drawbacks of the A4S model. As we all know, mapping sensors allow the robot to learn and adapt to the layout of your home. Consequently, the cleaning process requires less time and becomes more efficient.

When it comes to ILIFE A4S, this gadget is equipped with infrared sensors. The sensors are located underneath the bumper on the front of the device. So, the bumper protects the sensitive parts, as well as your furniture. In other words, ILIFE A4S will gently bump into the chairs or walls, without leaving a scratch or breaking something. On top of that, the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum features a set of drop sensors. In short, this technology prevents the robot from tumbling down the stairs or falling down from a balcony.


Automatic recharge

With the ‘help’ of the front bumper, the A4S can ‘survive’ an enormous amount of mini collisions per day.  Yet, the battery will not allow it to run around the house forever. So, after 120 minutes or so, the robot will try to find its way back to the charging base. In case we didn’t mention it earlier in our ILIFE A4S review, this model features automatic charging. What this means is that the vacuum will return to the docking station once the battery starts running low.

In most cases, two hours of run time are the maximum you will get out of the A4S. Even so, this is within the industry standard, especially when it comes to budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaners. Once the batteries are recharged, the robot will resume the work.

Of course, everything happens in an automatic way, which means that you do not have to interact with the vacuum at all. However, complex layouts and large homes can sometimes confuse the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum. Moreover, it can get stuck in a loop, desperately trying to find its way home. In those cases, you will have to be of assistance and guide the A4S towards the charging base. If you are not around, the batteries will run out and you will find a ‘dead’ robot vacuum cleaner stuck in the back of your dining room area.

Useful and functional remote control

Since the body of the ILIFE A4S is sleek and modern, the majority of the commands are given with remote control. Luckily, the remote is functional and easy to use. Also, the little gadget is sturdy and durable, which helps if you have pets around. To be honest, the gray color of the remote is not as aesthetic as the robot vacuum itself, but who cares? The most important thing is that the remote allows you to control the cleaner in a simple and effective manner.

For instance, the remote offers you the possibility of guiding the A4S in whichever direction you want. Once again, we have to remind you that this model moves in random and unpredictable patterns. So, you may sometimes feel the need to correct the trajectory of the gadget or to clean a certain area of your home. In those moments, the directional arrows on the remote will help you turn the ILIFE A4S into a remote-controlled race car.

Powered by 2x AAA batteries, the remote is multi-functional as well. In other words, you can use it to change the cleaning modes. We already explained how the modes work in the previous chapters of our ILIFE A4S review. Therefore, if you like the functionality of a certain cleaning mode, all you need to do is press the appropriate button on the remote.

Final thoughts – Should you buy it…?

At the end of the day, it is clear that ILIFE A4S comes with improved features when compared to previous ILIFE models. Yet, this particular model lacks some of the high-tech elements that today’s robot vacuums come with. For example, the lack of WiFi connectivity is a major drawback, and the same can be said about the absence of mapping technologies.

To sum up, ILIFE A4S is a great option for homeowners who want to have a functional and affordable remote control. As we said earlier, the A4S comes with a low price tag so you won’t break the bank if you decide to go with this model. Yet, you should not expect too much, and your ILIFE A4S will not communicate with Alexa or Google Assistant. Either way, a 12-month warranty is a part of the package when it comes to buying the ILIFE A4S robot vacuum.

Specification: ILIFE A4S



Height (in)


Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)




Runtime (min)


Charging Time (min)


Dust Bin Capacity (ml)


Max Suction Power

1000 Pa

Noise Level (db)


Cleaning System

Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system

Cleaning Modes

Auto, Mini-room, Spot, Edge, Schedule

Clean By Room


Floor Types

Low pile carpet, laminate, marble, hardwood, tile, linoleum

Pet Hair Cleaning


Power Boost


Tangle-Free Brush


Side Brushes


Edge-Sweeping Brushes


Corner Brushes



HEPA filter

Navigation Technology

Infrared sensors

Mapping Sensor

Infrared sensors

Smart Mapping


Bump Sensors

Yes + Front Bumper

Drop Sensors


Room Differentiation


Multiple-Maps Saving


Auto Recharge


Recharge and Resume




Schedule by Room


Remote Control


Smartphone Control


Voice Control


Climbing Threshold (in)


Full Bin Indicator


Self-Emptying (Advanced Base)


Dirt Detection


Smart Carpet Identification


Mopping Function


Works with Amazon Alexa


Works with Google Assistant



AC power adapter, charging base, cleaning tool, side brushes, high-performance filters, remote control


12 months


Average Score 7
Value for money

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