iRobot Roomba 671

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Up to 90 minutes of cleaning time
  • Adjustable cleaning head


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Why you should buy it:
iRobot Roomba 671 is a model that offers decent features for a relatively low price.
Value for money
  • Affordable price
  • An effective dual brush system
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No HEPA filters
  • No mapping technology

Because of its innovative features and affordable price, iRobot Roomba 671 is a model that will appeal to many homeowners. For that reason, we tried to make our Roomba 671 review as detailed as possible. In other words, we put the robot vacuum to the test and here is what we learned about this particular Roomba model.

iRobot Roomba 671 review

General features

In case you are not familiar with the situation in the vacuum cleaning market, iRobot is one of the leading manufacturers. In fact, their Roomba models have gathered an enormous fan base. So much so that the name Roomba is becoming synonymous with robot vacuum cleaners in general. Needless to say, this is the biggest compliment a manufacturer can get.

Even so, the guys over at iRobot are not resting on their laurels. On the contrary, they are working hard to produce new models so that they can please the needs of a wide range of clients. For instance, the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum is their budget-friendly model. In other words, the 671 model does not cost as much as the high-end Roombas. Yet, this particular model also offers a range of impressive features, which we will explore in a moment.

What is important to note at this point is the fact that iRobot Roomba 671 is best suited for hardwood floors and low carpets. But, the adjustable cleaning head allows this robot vacuum to clean all sorts of surfaces without any serious issues. So, let’s dive deeper into the characteristics of the iRobot 671.

An attractive design in a compact body – match made in heaven!

To be clear, the functionality of a vacuum cleaner should always take precedence over the aesthetic elements. However, we all love to have eye-catching gadgets around. Robot vacuum cleaners are no exception. Moreover, their futuristic appearances always make an impact when you have guests coming over for a visit.

Well, the design of the iRobot Roomba 671 is also quite attractive. The dominant color is black, which comes in two levels of intensity. In addition, the central button features a gray metallic look.

When it comes to the dimensions, Roomba 671 is on a heavier side in comparison to the majority of robot vacuums out there. But, the weight of around 5 lbs should not prevent you from carrying the device around the house, if need be.

In addition, the diameter of the device is within the industry standard. In other words, the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum measures 13.4” in diameter. Yet, the height of this model could present the biggest problem for some homeowners. Since Roomba 671 is 3.5” high, it may encounter some issues with low-lying sofas and similar furniture. But, in general, Roomba 671 should be able to crawl underneath beds and cabinets. We all know that these areas are hard to reach, and the help of a robot is much appreciated when it comes to cleaning those spots.

All in all, the iRobot Roomba 671 features a sleek and modern design. On top of that, it comes equipped with a convenient handle. By grabbing the handle on the top, you can pick and carry the device in a simple and effective manner.

Great cleaning performances

Even though this model is not as equipped as some other iRobot models (e.g. Roomba 890), Roomba 671 manages to offer decent cleaning performances. As a matter of fact, this robot vacuum covers an area of around 150 m2 per cleaning session. More importantly, it manages to collect all the dust and debris it encounters along the way.

iRobot Roomba 671Roomba 671 is a robot vacuum that uses a 3-stage cleaning system. In essence, this method loosens the debris, lifts it up, and sucks it in with a single sweep across the floor. We already mentioned that this model works best on hardwood floors. Yet, the iRobot 671 is more than capable of climbing the carpets and agitating the fabrics. Of course, it will not be able to tackle thick and shaggy rugs, but low pile carpets are not a problem for this particular Roomba.

The maximum suction power that Roomba 671 can produce is 600 Pa. With the help of 2x Multi-surface brushes, the vacuum is more than capable of collecting all sorts of debris. Yet, the brushes and the suction intake are not the only cleaning components. In fact, the Roomba 671 comes equipped with an edge-sweeping brush. This little whisker sweeps the floors and directs the dirt underneath the body of the vacuum. Once the dirt is under, the brushes will do their job, together with the powerful air suction.

In addition, it is important to note that the edge-sweeping brush stands at a 27% angle. What this means is that your iRobot Roomba can go along the walls and clean those hard-to-reach places as well.

Also, the auto-adjusting cleaning head is another noteworthy feature of this Roomba model. As the name suggests, the cleaning head can automatically adjust its height. Due to its big and flexible wheels, Roomba 671 has a climbing threshold of 0.63”. To clarify, the device can climb onto the carpets and adjust the height of the brushes depending on the type of surface. By doing so, the iRobot Roomba 671 can offer much better cleaning performance than many other models in the same price range.

A decent battery with automatic recharge

As a rule of thumb, modern-day robot vacuums can run for an hour or two before they need to recharge. Well, the Roomba 671 is within this range since it can run for up to 90 minutes without charging. In a way, the battery capacity of 3.000 mAh should please the needs of most homeowners.

Then again, a lot of Roomba 671 reviews claim that the device will go back to the docking base way before the 90-minute mark. Even so, one hour of cleaning should cover a large section of your house, if not the entire floor.

Of course, once the battery starts running low, Roomba 671 will try and go back to the base. In most cases, it will find its way home. But, if your house has a complex layout, Roomba 671 could get stuck for a while. Nonetheless, its intelligent guidance system should bring the robot back without any problems. Either way, you can make this process faster and easier if you place the base in a clear and easy-to-reach area.

Yet, the iRobot Roomba 671 has a slight drawback when it comes to charging. To clarify, this model does not feature an automatic restart. In other words, once it goes back to the base, it will not resume the cleaning process until you manually restart it. Also, to get fully charged – Roomba 671 will need around 120 minutes.

Two cleaning modes and a low noise level

Unlike some other robot vacuums on the market, the iRobot 671 does not feature a power boost. In most cases, the so-called Max Boost enables the devices to produce a bit of extra strength. As a result, such robot vacuums can perform an effective cleaning of a certain area.

iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuumInstead, Roomba 671 ‘only’ has two cleaning modes – Auto and Spot. In a way, their names are self-explanatory. The Auto mode is the standard working method of the device, and it will send out the robot on a meandering journey across your home. On the other hand, the Spot cleaning mode will focus on a small area on the floor. Once you select the Spot mode, Roomba 671 will start to circle the floor in a spiraling motion. Of course, this will allow the vacuum to extract and collect even the most demanding pieces of dirt or debris.

All the while, Roomba 671 will not be a distraction. Meaning, it creates 58 dB of humming noise, which is much lower than the sound of an average upright vacuum cleaner. To be honest, the noise levels from the iRobot 671 could go one or two decibels higher during the Spot cleaning mode. Even so, this model earns top marks for being as quiet as robot vacuum cleaners can be.

Dirt detection technology combined with a large dust bin

Whether we want to admit or not, our floors can get pretty dirty from time to time. When that happens, dirt detection technology can be of great use. For example, the iRobot Roomba 671 is a robot vacuum that offers this possibility. In essence, dirt detection allows the device to concentrate its efforts on a certain area. Once it detects the presence of dirt particles or other forms of debris, Roomba 671 will go over the area multiple times.

Speaking of dirt, Roomba 671 comes equipped with a large dust bin. The capacity of the container is 350 ml, which should be enough for one or two cleaning sessions. Of course, it all depends on the cleanliness of the floors. Unfortunately, Roomba 671 does not feature an indicator that would tell you when the bin is full. So, make sure to check the situation with the dust bin after every cleaning session.

Intelligent navigation

This section of our Roomba 671 review focuses on the navigation technology of this device. As we all know, the navigation system is one of the most important elements of a robot vacuum. After all, the robot needs to be able to find its way around the house without human interaction. It goes without saying that the robot vacuum should also be capable of avoiding obstacles along the way as well.

Roomba 671

So, many homeowners will be happy to hear that the Roomba 671 comes equipped with an intelligent navigation system. In fact, the robot is so ‘smart’ that it makes 60 decisions per second. Of course, the bumper on the front helps with not harming the furniture. The robot will touch the legs of chairs or tables, but the bumper will ‘click’ and the robot will not leave a scratch on the surface.

Needless to say, intelligent navigation helps with movement around the house. Even so, Roomba 671 is a robot vacuum that moves in random patterns. As you may know, high-end models of robot vacuums can move in a systematic method, making the cleaning the process much faster and more efficient. Yet, Roomba 671 comes with basic navigation. Thus, this model will take a bit more time to clean your home. Also, there is no mapping function with Roomba 671. In other words, this device cannot memorize and adapt to the layout of your home.

Smartphone compatibility

Roomba 671 robot vacuumBut, every iRobot Roomba 671 review will mention the fact that this model offers smartphone compatibility. What this means is that you can install the app and control the device in a simple and straightforward manner. We forgot to mention that the Roomba 671 does not come with a remote, and your phone serves as a replacement. Either way, the iRobot 671 will connect to your Wi-Fi and then you need to complete the setup process. After that, the app is ready.

On top of that, the Roomba 671 can be connected with Alexa or Google Assistant.  In short, this means that you can control the device by using voice commands. Yet, you can only place the basic commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, such as ‘start’ or ‘ stop’.

iRobot Roomba 671 – Should you buy it…?

After everything we said in our Roomba 671 review, it is not easy to make a definitive call about this model. Thanks to its affordable price, iRobot Roomba 671 is an attractive device. Of course, the quality of this robot vacuum is also a reason for its popularity.

In short, this model provides a good price/value ratio. And, that is why homeowners from across the globe are choosing Roomba 671 as their go-to robot vacuum cleaner.

Specification: iRobot Roomba 671



Height (in)


Diameter (in)


Weight (lbs)




Runtime (min)


Charging Time (min)


Dust Bin Capacity (ml)


Max Suction Power

600 Pa

Noise Level (db)


Cleaning System

3-Stage cleaning system

Cleaning Modes

Auto, Spot

Clean By Room


Floor Types

all floor types (incl. low and middle-pile carpets)

Pet Hair Cleaning


Power Boost


Tangle-Free Brush


Side Brushes


Edge-Sweeping Brushes

Yes (1)

Corner Brushes



AeroVac filter (1)

Navigation Technology

iAdapt Navigation Technology

Mapping Sensor

Laser sensor

Smart Mapping


Bump Sensors

Yes + Front Bumper

Drop Sensors


Room Differentiation


Multiple-Maps Saving


Auto Recharge


Recharge and Resume




Schedule by Room


Remote Control


Smartphone Control


Voice Control


Climbing Threshold (in)


Full Bin Indicator


Self-Emptying (Advanced Base)


Dirt Detection


Smart Carpet Identification


Mopping Function


Works with Amazon Alexa


Works with Google Assistant



12 months

iRobot Roomba 671

Average Score 8
Value for money

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