Miele Swing H1 Tactical

  • AirClean sealed system
  • Max power: 1000W
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • Variable suction speed
  • 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner


8.8Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
Powerful suction, 3-in-1 design, and AirClean filtration make Miele Swing H1 stick vacuum a great choice for cleaning your home.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Eye-catching design
  • Quiet operation
  • AirClean system
  • Premium materials
  • Small filter bag
  • No motorized brush

If you need a reliable and lightweight vacuum, stick vacuums could be the perfect solution. For instance, our Miele Swing H1 Tactical review covers every aspect of one such model.

So, by staying with this overview, you will learn all there is to know about one of the best stick vacuums in the market.

Miele Swing H1 review

Miele Swing H1 stick vacuum

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

3-in-1 design

The process of finding the best vacuum cleaner for your needs can be a tricky task. After all, the abundance of options can be overwhelming and confusing.

Should you go with a stick vacuum or a handheld one? Or, would it be best to splash the cash on an upright model? Some of these questions are probably going through your mind even at this very moment.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The best course of action is a universal and multi-practical vacuum cleaner, such as Miele Swing H1 Tactical.

Why do we say this? Well, the features of this model speak for themselves, but it’s the 3-in-1 design that makes it so attractive.

In essence, the 3-in-1 system means that you can convert the device into different vacuum cleaners. Thus, this particular gadget can work as a stick vacuum or as a handheld one. On top of that, you can add the extension tube to modify it even more.

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So, these three modes can provide the user with much-needed versatility. Flexible vacuum cleaners can tackle all sorts of cleaning jobs around a house, and Miele Swing H1 is one such device.


In case you are not familiar with the brand, we should mention that Miele is a famous German manufacturer of household appliances. As such, this company focuses on producing high-end devices, following the German principles of quality.

At the same time, Miele tries to make their appliances as elegant as possible. Well, it seems that the H1 Tactical also continues down the well-trodden path.

In other words, this particular Miele stick vacuum cleaner is stylish and eye-catching. The so-called Obsidian Black scheme looks impressive, no doubt about it!

The combination of black and brown surfaces creates a perfect match. Also, this vacuum cleaner is free of unnecessary shapes or buttons. In other words, the simplistic approach has once again proven to be the best option when it comes to design.

On the other hand, Miele has become synonymous with quality and longevity. As a rule of thumb, their devices work like a charm for many years. So, let’s take a look under the hood of Miele Swing H1.

Adjustable power

Miele Swing H1 Tactical vacuum cleaner

Because of their construction, stick vacuums are not among the strongest on the market. Nonetheless, the top stick vacuum models can pack a punch when it comes to suction power.

When it comes to Miele H1 Tactical, the nominal power of the motor is 900W. Yet, the maximum capacity of this device is 1000W.

The German precision is visible in the design of the motor. Why do we say this?

Well, during the testing for our Miele stick vacuum review, we noticed that this device performs with little noise. Unlike some other stick vacuums, the H1 Tactical will not wake your neighbors and scare their pets.

The motor provides excellent airflow, which reduces overheating and ensures longevity.

Also, Miele vacuum cleaners are famous for their AirClean Sealed system. What this means is that the trapped air never leaks through the cracks. Instead, the air that comes out of this device is filtered and allergy-free.


Due to its characteristics, this Miele stick vacuum cleaner is best suited for hard floors and low pile carpets. Of course, we had to take the device for a test drive to verify those claims.

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Well, Miele H1 Tactical does not disappoint when it comes to wood floors or tiles. Also, the cleaner efficiently collects debris on linoleum.

Yet, this particular model does not come with a motorized brush. The so-called Power Brush is optional, and this little tool can enable Miele H1 to tackle pet hair as well.

So, if you do not choose to install the Power Brush, you will receive the Fiber Tec Combo floor tool. As it turns out, this cleaning head delivers excellent performances on its own.

In essence, this cleaning nozzle does a decent job of picking up debris off of hard floors. For instance, it managed to suck up all the cat food that we scattered across the kitchen.

The transition between hard and carpeted flooring is seamless. With that said, you can adjust the suction by pressing the switch on the handle. This model comes with variable suction power so make sure to make the most out of this feature

Alternatively, you can use your foot to press the switch on the cleaning nozzle. By doing so, you will adjust the height of the base. As a result, the cleaner will collect more dirt and debris.

We already mentioned the improved airflow. Well, this feature also prevents clogging, which means that pet hair and other gunk will go through the system no matter what.


Miele Swing H1 bagged vacuum Speaking of the system, we should mention that Miele Swing H1 Tactical comes with standard AirClean filtration. This patented Miele technology consists of three separate filters. As a result, almost all particles will stay trapped in the filter bag.

Yes, the H1 Tactical is a bagged vacuum cleaner. The bag is not visible from the outside, but Miele installed a convenient change indicator on the front of the device. So, you will know when the bag is full.

If you are prone to allergy attacks, adequate filtration is of the highest importance. That is why it is essential to say that Miele Swing H1 allows owners to upgrade to HEPA filtration.

As we all know, the HEPA standard is the top level when it comes to filtration. So, you can choose to install a HEPA filter instead of the standard multi-layer technology that comes with this cleaner.

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Either way, Miele H1 Tactical will not disappoint you when it comes to protection against allergens and airborne particles. Of course, your needs and preferences will determine the level of filtration you will choose.


Miele vacuum cleaners are popular because of their premium materials and long-lasting efficiency. Likewise, their models are user-friendly and convenient. If the device is not ergonomic and functional, it will have no place in the Miele lineup.

For instance, during the testing for our Miele Swing H1 review, we learned that this device is highly maneuverable as well.

Of course, the secret lies in the ergonomic design and the weight of the cleaner. To be precise, the H1 Tactical weighs 9.4 pounds, which is within the industry standard.

Admittedly, this is not the lightest stick vacuum in the market. On the other hand, it’s far from being the heaviest one. So, you will be able to carry it with you during the cleaning sessions.

On top of that, this cleaner comes equipped with a long cable. The length of the cord is 29.5 feet, which should be more than enough for an average household.

The sleek and slender body of Miele Swing H1 will glide across the floor with ease when you try to use it. Of course, this results in less fatigue and pain in the joints.

As if that’s not enough, Miele will also provide you with a couple of useful accessories and gadgets. So, let’s see how these attachments can improve your cleaning results.

Attachments and tools

Miele vacuum cleaners are all about functionality and usability. For that reason, Miele vacuums often come with an array of accessories and extra tools. The number of gadget depends on the market range of the model.

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Miele Swing H1 Tactical is equipped with an upholstery brush and crevice tool. We already mentioned that you could convert this model into a handheld vacuum. Thus, these extra tools can even allow you to clean furniture, drapes, or stairs.

A handy clip on the telescopic wand provides a safe space for the accessories. Of course, the tools are ergonomic and comfortable, just like you would expect from Miele products.

Final thoughts

From everything we could’ve seen, the quality of Miele H1 Tactical is at the highest level. This vacuum is versatile and lightweight, which means that you can use it for cleaning different surfaces.

The Miele brand has a reputation to maintain, and that is why their vacuum cleaners need to offer premium performances. Well, our Miele Swing H1 review has proved that this model follows the principles established years ago.

Specification: Miele Swing H1 Tactical



Weight (lbs)


Max Suction Power

1000 W

Adjustable Power


Noise Level (db)




Dust Bin Capacity (ml)





Runtime (min)

Charging Time (min)

Cord Length (ft)


Cord Rewind


Hose Length (ft)

Motorized Brushroll



Standard (1)

Cleaning Path (in)



AirClean multi-layer (HEPA optional)


Crevice and upholstery tools

Pet Hair Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning


Other Features


2 years

Miele Swing H1 Tactical

Average Score 8.8
Ease of use
Value for money

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