Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

  • Upright bagged vacuum cleaner
  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • 35-foot cord
  • No attachments or extra tools
  • Furniture-friendly design

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8.2Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
Although the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is a professional model, this upright vacuum is great for home use, especially in large, carpeted rooms.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful suction
  • Inexpensive
  • Super-easy maintenance
  • Poor filtration
  • Noisy
  • No swivel head

These days, vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, which can complicate the decision-making process. Nevertheless, some models will get the job done no matter what. One of them comes from Oreck, and our Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS review will cover every aspect of this upright vacuum cleaner.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS review

So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the world of household appliances.


In case you are not familiar with the name, Oreck is an all-American brand. The company has a long-lasting history of making high-quality vacuum cleaners. For instance, the guys over at Oreck assemble this particular model on the American soil.

To be honest, the assembly of the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS should be a straightforward operation. Why do we say this? Well, this particular vacuum cleaner comes with a stripped-down design.

In other words, Oreck has designed a model that features a simple shape. Everything is neat and tidy, without any fancy buttons or commands.

Plus, Oreck XL2100RHS comes with a furniture-friendly design. As a result, this vacuum will allow you to clean the areas underneath the cabinets or beds.

Remember, this model is an upright vacuum, which means that all the elements are moving together. There is no hose to connect the cleaning head to the motor, for instance.

The blue color of this vacuum cleaner improves the points for aesthetics. Yet, this vacuum is all about being functional. After all, looks are never a priority when it comes to commercial appliances.


Even though Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum is built with professionals in mind, thousands are using it as a household vacuum as well.

The reason hides in the extensive list of benefits that this model can offer. For example, Oreck has equipped this vacuum cleaner with a motor that delivers 120W of power.

Sounds impressive? That’s because it is. We decided to put the machine to the test, and the suction power impressed everyone!

Oreck XL2100RHS does not come with adjustable suction. But whether this is a drawback for a carpet cleaner… you decide.

Another downside of such a powerful motor is the noise. Yes, this vacuum cleaner will probably scare your children a bit, and it will annoy your dogs. To be precise, the volume produced by Oreck’s commercial cleaner can go up to 91 decibels.

Either way, that’s the cost to pay for having a proper workhorse in the back of your closet. Once you flip the switch and turn on this cleaner, you will unleash plenty of raw power.


As we all know, one of the main reasons why people buy vacuum cleaners in the first place is to have fresh air in their homes. That is why filtration plays a significant role in the cleaning process.

When it comes to the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS, this model leaves a lot to be desired in terms of filtration.

In essence, Oreck did not include HEPA filters in the configuration. Of course, you can buy these filters as an upgrade.

Even without the HEPA filtration, this vacuum will capture plenty of allergens and airborne particles. All the captured dirt and debris goes straight into the bag, which can hold up to 630 cubic inches of material.

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Bagged vacuum cleaners are hygienic and easy to use, and the same applies to Oreck XL. When it comes to the maintenance of the dust bag, you can easily take it out since it features the so-called “top fill” design.

What this means is that you can reach it from the top of the device and extract the bag when the level of dust reaches the indicated line.

As we said, the bag can hold a substantial amount of dirt and debris, so frequent changes will not be necessary. Of course, everything will depend on your cleaning habits and monthly usage of the device. Fortunately, the bags cost less than $1 per piece.


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHSOne of the most prominent characteristics of this model is the weight. Believe it or not, Oreck’s professional vacuum weighs only nine pounds!

Thus, you can pick it up with no problems and carry it around the house with minimal effort. It’s like holding a gallon of milk in your hands.

On top of that, this device comes with a 35-foot cord. The cable is sturdy and durable, and you can wrap it around the clip on the back of the handle.

As expected, this budget-friendly model does not offer a cord rewind option. After all, cable retraction is a feature that belongs to those high-end models. Oreck’s upright cleaner is all about providing the best value for money, without the fancy bells and whistles.

Ease of use

Few models on the market will provide the same level of convenience as the one that you will get with Oreck’s commercial vacuum. Then again, this is a device built for cleaning large areas, so it has to be efficient as well.

For instance, the fingertip controls are an award-winning feature. Oreck XL2100RHS comes with an ergonomic handle with a unique design. As a result, users can have easy access to the on/off switch.

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When it comes to usability, we should mention that this device does not include a swivel head. For that reason, Oreck’s cleaner has 0 degrees turning radius.

Even so, the weight of this commercial cleaner compensates for this downside. Plus, the 12-inch cleaning head will cover a lot of ground in one sweep.


OK, now we come to the big question: How good is Oreck’s commercial vacuum cleaner? Well, we tested the device on several types of flooring to get a clear picture of the performances.

Here is what we learned about this model during the preparation for our Oreck Commercial XL22100RHS review.

Performance on carpets

We already said that Oreck’s model offers only one mode when it comes to suction power. On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner comes equipped with automatic floor adjustment. In other words, the height of the cleaning head adjusts to the flooring height.

On carpets, Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS delivers impressive performances. The 12-inch cleaning head features a brush roll that spins at 6500 RPM. The brush collects the soil and dirt that gets stuck within the fibers of carpets, even the thick ones.

On low-pile carpets, this commercial vacuum works like a charm. In a way, that is the primary reason why this particular model is perfect for hotels or big offices. Any room with wall-to-wall carpeting is the ideal playground for Oreck XL.

Performance on hard floors

When it comes to laminate, tiles, or wood, Oreck’s commercial vacuum might not be your best option. Why do we say this?

Well, we do not want to sugarcoat anything. The key is in the design of this vacuum cleaner. Oreck’s model does not allow you to turn off the spinning brush. As a result, the roll continues to rotate, even when you step down on the hard flooring.

The best-case scenario is the scattered debris, especially the larger chunks of cat food. On the other hand, the spinning brush could scratch the flooring and leave permanent marks. Nobody wants that.

We should mention that Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS also features a set of side edge brushes, which help with the cleaning process. Likewise, the so-called scattered guard squeegee helps with trapping the particles that manage to avoid the brush roll.


Unlike most other upright vacuums on the market, Oreck Commercial does not feature any attachments or extra tools.

Yes, you heard that right: no crevice tools, no upholstery brush. After all, this vacuum loves the glide around the open, spacious areas. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is designed for cleaning carpets and rugs, not for ceilings or drapes.


Commercial vacuum cleaners are often expensive and full of high-tech gear. By now, you should have noticed that Oreck XL is not your average commercial vacuum.

In other words, this model falls into the lower range when it comes to price. Oreck has a tradition of making affordable devices, but this time they outperformed themselves.

Of course, Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum may not offer the best features out there. Yet, the low price makes it all worthwhile.

Final thoughts

The stripped-down design of Oreck’s commercial model may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to spend their hard-earned money on useless attachments that they will never try out.

In essence, Oreck XL2100RHS is a vacuum cleaner where function beats form. In this case, it’s not about the looks, it’s about the performance.

As we said, this device is best suited for professionals who run a cleaning business of some kind. At the same time, the XL2100RHS model can adapt to households with any problems. If you decide to buy it, you will see why this vacuum cleaner provides excellent value for money.

Specification: Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS



Weight (lbs)


Max Suction Power

120 W

Adjustable Power


Noise Level (db)




Dust Bin Capacity (ml)





Runtime (min)

Charging Time (min)

Cord Length (ft)


Cord Rewind


Hose Length (ft)

Motorized Brushroll



Brush roll + 2x small side brushes

Cleaning Path (in)



Bag filter


Pet Hair Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning



12 months

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

Average Score 8.2
Ease of use
Value for money

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