Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362

  • DuoClean technology
  • 2-in-1 (handheld + stick canister vacuum)
  • Zero-M system
  • Powerful LED headlights


8.8Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
The innovative Zero-M system makes the Shark DuoClean stick vacuum perfect for pet owners and people who need a lightweight vacuum cleaner.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Zero-M self-cleaning system
  • LED headlights
  • Multifunctional design
  • Lightweight
  • No HEPA filtration
  • Narrow cleaning path
  • Non-retractable cord

What if we told you that vacuum cleaners do not have to be bulky and heavy? What if you could carry them up the stairs with ease? Well, the innovative Shark DuoClean stick vacuum could solve all of those problems. On top of that, this compact and flexible appliance could make you fall in love with vacuuming.

Shark DuoClean ZS362 stick vacuum review

In this Shark Apex DuoClean review, we will look at the main features of this corded stick vacuum model.

The ultralight design provides superior mobility

At first glance, it is easy to see why this model is one of the most popular when it comes to the stick canister vacuums. From the eye-catching Forest Mist Blue color, all the way to the sleek shape of the handle – Shark Apex stick vacuum is modern and attractive. As experts would say – it is easy to recognize the unique Shark philosophy of design.

Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362 stick vacuum

At the same time, this device is flexible and versatile. Shark DuoClean stick vacuum is a 2-in-1 model. What this means is that the canister part of the vacuum can be detached in a convenient way. As a result, a portable handheld vacuum will allow you to clean those above-floor areas without any problems.

DuoClean technology with Zero-M system

Hands down, the most important element of this vacuum is the so-called DuoClean technology. As the name suggests, this premium system provides Shark vacuum cleaners with versatility. It gives them the ability to clean different types of floors. To put it in simple terms, the term DuoClean is just a fancy name for two different brushes.

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Namely, the first brush that you will notice at the Shark Apex DuoClean ZS362 is a motorized brush roll. Moreover, this orange-colored brush comes with the proprietary Shark technology – the Zero-M system. Like in the case of the DuoClean technology, this term can also be simplified. As a result of that, we could say that the Zero-M system is self-cleaning technology which provides non-stop hair-removal. In other words, pet hair will not tangle around the brush.

The second brush that comes with the Shark Apex stick vacuum is a soft roller. In a way, the task of this brush is to pick up any debris that might stay behind after the motorized brush sweeps the area. In case you want to change the brushes, you can easily pop the transparent hood by pressing the switches on the side of the cleaning head.

Decent suction power

Although the Shark DuoClean sick vacuum is not the most powerful vacuum out there, this device can offer decent performances. When it comes to suction power, this model delivers up to 600W. Moreover, the controls on the handle let users adjust the suction. By changing the settings, users can optimize the performances for vacuuming bare floors, area rugs, or carpets.

Also, Shark implemented the well-known cyclonic technology with this model as well. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in suction power. Likewise, the Shark Apex DuoClean ZS362 comes equipped with a thermal protection system. Of course, this safety feature prevents overheating.

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Convenient dust cup and solid filtration

It goes without saying that the quality of filtration is of the utmost importance. For that reason, our Shark Apex DuoClean review covers this aspect as well. Unfortunately, Apex DuoClean does not come with HEPA filters. As you know, the HEPA standard provides top-of-the-line protection against allergens.

Instead, this model comes with two filters, which are located pre- and post-motor. The filters are made out of foam and felt, which means they are washable. Shark recommends washing the filters in warm water, without any chemicals. After you rinse them off, leave the filters to dry for at least 24 hours.

Of course, all the dust and debris that this cleaner collects has to be stored somewhere. Well, the Shark Apex stick vacuum has a translucent dust container. More importantly, this dust cup can be easily detached with a press of the button. Also, you can empty the container by opening the bottom of the cup. Be warned, all canister vacuum cleaners leave a cloud of dust when users empty the containers! As it turns out, the Apex DuoClean is no exception to this ‘rule’.

Fantastic LED headlights to lead the way

Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362 corded stick vacuum

When it comes to additional features of this model, it is important to mention the powerful LED lights on the front of the cleaning head. In short, these headlights are strong enough to illuminate the area in front of the device. Moreover, the lights are placed low enough to reveal even the tiniest of debris as well as pet hair.

Accessories and tools

Even though the Shark Apex stick vacuum comes with a 30-foot cord, some corners could stay out of your reach. However, the range of attachments that come with this model should extend the reach and allow you to clean tight spaces.

Don’t miss:

Shark included three tools with their Apex DuoClean model. Those accessories are a crevice tool, a pet Multi-Tool, and the so-called Precision Duster. All in all, these attachments boost the versatility and flexibility of the Shark DuoClean stick vacuum. Nonetheless, the slender shape of the device did not leave much space for a storage compartment. In other words, keep a close watch on the tools and try not to lose them!

Specification: Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362

Shark APEX DuoClean ZS362

Average Score 8.8
Ease of use
Value for money

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