Tineco A11 Hero

  • High suction power
  • Two detachable batteries
  • Power brush with LED light
  • Effective filtration system with 4 stages
  • Stick and handheld vacuum in one


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Why you should buy it:
Tineco A11 Hero is a good choice if you are looking for an efficient vacuum cleaner that can complement your house without taking too much space.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • 2 in 1 stick and handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight
  • Elegantly designed
  • Good battery life
  • LED light brush
  • No attachment storage

Vacuum cleaners are now a common sight in many houses, calmly replacing many tools, for example, the brooms that are utilized in the removal of dirt. Due to their effective and efficient cleaning mechanism, they are now commonly found in most modern and traditional houses. An example of such a product that is presently making waves among many people is the Tineco A11 Hero which is an effective tool to remove dirt such as dust, pieces of paper, pet hair, etc.

In this article, there will be a Tineco A11 Hero review so that you will get to know the essential things before purchasing the vacuum cleaner. These will distinguish the vacuum from other Tineco vacuums and other vacuum cleaners that are made by other companies.  We are going to explore and explain the features and functionality that make the Tineco A11 Hero the best product for yourself or your family.

Tineco A11 Hero review


Many products are made to complement the users’ home and Tineco A11 Hero is not an exception. This can be seen in its elegantly crafted crystal-clear body and lightweight features. While still complementing the beauty of your home, this design allows you to easily pick the vacuum cleaner up and remove dirt and debris present in any part of your house, with no regard for the location. It can be used on the floor, stair and unbelievably the ceiling if you are tall enough.

The lightweight property is a very endearing property that the Tineco A11 Hero possesses. With this property, when the vacuum is converted to its handheld mode it is easy to hold as a handheld device and used. It is easy to move from place to place.


Tineco A11 Hero stick vacuumInstalling the Tineco A11 Hero is pretty simple. Its components come in different parts and must be assembled before being used. We will divide it into two groups which are; those necessary for the functioning of the vacuum and those for charging. The accessories such as the brushes and dust bin are installed (you can check the owner’s manual for this). After this, the accessories need for charging are also stationed in the power outlet. The design of this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to keep at a spot.


The Tineco A11 Hero is also a cordless vacuum which means that it depends only on its battery while working, this has a lot of advantages such as removing the stress of plugging to a power source while cleaning coupled with moving from one room to another. A disadvantage is also part, which can be seen in the battery power, although Tineco made sure that the vacuum cleaner comes with a double battery that is easy to remove and charge.

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The Tineco battery is capable of powering the 450W motor and last up to 50 minutes. When the battery runs down, it can be charged by placing it in the power station. The power station can hold the Tineco vacuum and other accessories thereby acting as a storage place. With this, your home can be clean. Charging however can be a problem since it takes longer to charge.

Cleaning power

Many features make the cleaning power of the Tineco cordless vacuum top-notch in the cleaning world. We will talk about its filtration system, cleaning accessories, and suction. These properties make the Tineco A11 Hero a vacuum cleaner to reckon with.

Filtration system

Tineco A11 Hero filtration systemThe filtration system of the Tineco A11 Hero is unlike any others, it uses a 4 Stages Full Sealed filtration system with many filters present, filters are the mesh air filters, pre-motor air filer, post-motor air filter. It is through this system that particles that are removed from your homes such as dirt and debris are passed for them to be removed. While been passed through the system, the particles are removed, and fresh and clean air is ejected. This reduces the risk of having allergies that can result in cough, catarrh amongst others.


The motor of the Tineco A11 Hero which houses the fan responsible for creating the suction effect has a power of 450W and can create a suction having a maximum power of 120W.

This suction power, when compared with other models that use the battery, is said to be 5 times greater and more effective. With this high suction power, it is expected that this vacuum cleaner produces a loud noise. However, it is ultra-quiet, measuring a loudness of about 71 decibels. This makes it an ideal device in the cleaning of your homes. On maximum suction power, the cleaning is very effective, however, it takes a toll on the battery, by reducing the working time to about 20 minutes.

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There are also cleaning tools: pre-filter cleaning tool and the hair cleaning tool. These tools are the ones responsible for eliminating suction loss that is common with many vacuum cleaners. Suction loss can occur when a vacuum cleaner is used in cleaning a very dirty environment causing the filtration system or the hose to become blocked. With the cleaning tool, there is no restriction in the suction power leading to a more efficient cleaning action.

Generally, the removal of dirt and debris using this stick vacuum is efficient, coupled with its continuous power mode that removes the option of continual holding of the power button and the trigger power mode which performs instant cleaning. It is effective in cleaning pet hair and other forms of dirt.

Cleaning accessories

Tineco A11 Hero brushroll

The Tineco A11 Hero utilizes many accessories to ensure a better cleaning experience. There is a full-sized Multitasker brush with LED backlight, which allows you to effectively clean surfaces that are poorly visible. This power brush gives 2.5 times the power and better cleaning assurance than most vacuums that rely on batteries.

There is also the dusting brush which comes in two types; a soft brush and a wide brush. The soft brush is used in cleaning hard surfaces while the wide brush is utilized when vacuuming fabrics such as curtains. A crevice tool is utilized when vacuuming places that are hard to reach such as car seats and other crevices that are full of dirt.

There is also an extra-large dustbin with a size of 600 ml that can capture and store a lot of dirt and debris.

Tineco A11 Hero tools

Final thoughts

Summing up our Tineco A11 Hero review, we want to say that among other brands this is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those who are looking for efficiency, elegance and effective cleaning. It is can be carried easily while providing excellent and effective removal of dirt and debris from your home. Combined with many features such as its quietness and lightweight it is reliable and eco-friendly. Purchasing this product depends on you, however, you are definitely not wasting money by purchasing it.

Specification: Tineco A11 Hero



Weight (lbs)


Max Suction Power

120 W

Adjustable Power


Noise Level (db)




Dust Bin Capacity (ml)






Runtime (min)


Charging Time (min)


Cord Length (ft)

Cord Rewind

Hose Length (ft)

Motorized Brushroll



Motorized, Mini-motorized, Mini soft dusting brush

Cleaning Path (in)



2 pre-filters


Dual charging dock, pre-filter cleaning tool, hair cleaning tool, mini power brush, 2-in-1 dusting brush, crevice tool

Pet Hair Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning


Other Features

Filter cleaning


2 years

Tineco A11 Hero

Average Score 8.4
Ease of use
Value for money

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