Tineco Pure One S12

  • All-in-one LED display
  • Smart App Integration
  • Smart Filter Self Cleaning
  • Smart Noise Optimization
  • Smart Battery Management
  • Smart Suction Control

8.7Expert Score
Why you should buy it:
Tineco Pure One S12 is an excellent investment for a cleaning fanatic as it is a complete bundle of anything they would expect to find in a flagship product.
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Two Li-ion batteries that last long
  • A bevy of interchangeable tools
  • LED lights that illuminate the cleaning path
  • The quick-release latch of the tools
  • Deep cleaning of soft surfaces and hard surfaces
  • Harder to clean under furniture as the tube isn't wholly horizontal
  • Might struggle to suck in large debris

Tineco is an incredible service provider in the cleaning scene and has so far been delivering top tier home appliances. Recently, they have released a new vacuum cleaner that promises to please and satisfy all your cleaning needs. In our Tineco Pure One S12 review, you will find a description of all the features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as whether this cordless stick vacuum is worth the money.

Tineco Pure One S12 review

The Pure One S12 is a relatively new participant in the battle of the big in all matters vacuum cleaners. It is the latest addition to the Tineco family of vacuum cleaners and, without a doubt, is their flagship product.


The design of the Tineco S12 is quite sleek and futuristic, focusing on ease of use and going a step further by incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the machine.

Ease of use is an essential priority for Tineco. They have redesigned the S12 such that it is more ergonomic. You won’t be blowing your back out doing house chores with this machine. It rides smoothly over surfaces, and the handle has been tested and retested to prevent wrist strains. The handle has a trigger lock that reduces the need to hold the vacuum cleaner in the on the setting continually. For the average consumer, it just means chores are made more fun!

Computing and functionality of the inbuilt microchip have been enhanced by incorporating artificial intelligence. Seamless switching between different modes of the S12 together with the faster response as well as self-adjustment and optimized functionality is also a priority. Inbuilt sensors work hand in hand with the software to determine what is best for you and give quality suggestions. There’s no need to worry since your vacuum cleaner is not going to go rogue. Security is also a top priority in this smart device

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Typically, Tineco’s vacuum cleaners are long-range and can last for decades. Therefore, they are best suited to large areas like big apartments and living spaces.

Main features

  • iLoop dust sensor

This smart sensor adjusts the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, depending on how much dust is on a particular surface of cleaning. Thorough, efficient, and effective cleaning is where it’s at right now. iLoop dust sensors are the next big thing in the efforts towards smarter and better vacuum cleaners.

  • Two power brushes

Tineco Pure One S12 brushroll

The Tineco vacuum cleaner has two unique brushes which translate to twice the cleaning and half the time spent on chores. The brushes are faster as they implement an inbuilt high torque motor meaning they can clean all those hard to reach crevices. It is worth mentioning that all these brushes are detachable hence allowing for easy switching and replacing of the brushes.

There’s a crevice brush that is especially suited to this purpose of cleaning between tight spaces where standard brushes would not reach.

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The soft roller brush is also available for use when cleaning smooth surfaces, which are fibers, carpets, cushions, or mats. This brush takes care not to lift threads off of the surface being cleaned, reducing wear and tear of such surfaces. It is thorough yet gentle on surfaces. It is also useful in picking up fine dirt particles from surfaces in the home.

The hard power brush is tailored to take care of hard surfaces, for example, wooden floors. Standard brushes would do the job but would be worn off quickly. This brush lasts for longer, cleaning hard surfaces.

Tineco Pure One S12 tools

  • Higher battery life

The Tineco S12 lasts longer than its predecessors and is powered by two strong 2500 mAh each Li-Ion batteries. These last for up to over 1.5h or 100 minutes of work done. With two batteries, you are assured of the uninterrupted cleaning experience with longer battery life.

The charging system can charge both batteries simultaneously and is a wall-mounted dock. Not only does the wall-mounted dock charge the batteries, but it also saves floor space as it is a storage location for the vacuum and accessories.

  • Faster mode switching adjustment

Switching between manual and auto just got more comfortable with a multi-touch keypad at the handle. Such a keyboard has reduced the hustle of pressing buttons each time you want to switch between the modes. In addition to this, the power adjustment of the vacuum cleaner is also made simpler with the power control slider. This makes for a more accurate and precise setting on the vacuum cleaner.

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With Auto mode, it is easier to control the vacuum since it adjusts itself depending on the surfaces in which it is cleaning. If continual re-adjusting of the device is a nuisance to you, artificial intelligence will come into play by making the vacuum cleaner operate on auto.

  • Real-time status monitoring of the vacuum cleaner

With the help of a unique LED display in front of the handle, monitoring the status of the vacuum cleaner is no big of a deal. We’re talking about battery life, connectivity, runtime, modes, brush roller status, dust sensors, air channels, and power. All of these at your fingertips, literally. How best to track the working condition of your vacuum cleaner than with this?

The massive contrast between the dark background and bright words, make the screen easy to read even in dim lighting. The display on the vacuum gives a real-time update of what is going on in the machine and how this may affect cleaning.

  • Smart App phone integration

Tineco has developed a smartphone app that is the best thing to happen to home cleaning, well except for the device itself. The App sends updates, notifies you of malfunctions, and tells you if there’s any malfunction in the equipment.

The Tineco App is available for download and is relatively simple to use. It will work in the background, thus meaning zero disturbances because of notifications. Integrating the app with the device is seamless, and they would work together to improve your experience with the device.

  • Smart noise optimization

Traditionally, vacuum cleaners have been synonymous with noise pollution during cleaning. However, this is not the case anymore. Implementing a new Ultra-quiet mode, the cleaning process has become baby and pet friendly, cutting out the hum and buzz of traditional vacuum cleaners.

A person could sleep to the low whisper sound of the Tineco S12 vacuum. That’s just how quiet it is.

  • Smart suction control

Tineco Pure One S12 cordless vacuum

Smart suction control is made possible by the incorporation of a capacitive touchscreen, which allows for easy setting of the suction power of the device. The capacitive touchscreen has redefined how people operate their vacuums. Everything has been put together in the simple to use screen. A swipe of a finger is all it takes.

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  • Smart filter self-cleaning

The Tineco Pure One S12 comes equipped with a self-cleaning filter feature, which means the filters are cleaned on the go. The filters do not need to stay dirty, thanks to smart filter self-cleaning. They stay clean, and so do surfaces in the home, making for a less interrupted experience.

It is relatively easy to maintain the machine since the dust cup is straightforward to remove with a latch.

  • Handheld mode and weight

It is now easier to clean high places, for example, ceilings or tall cabinets with the handheld mode. The Tineco S12 is a very light machine that allows for it to be handheld and even transported easily. It is also easy to switch it to handheld mode with a few minor adjustments.


The Tineco Pure One S12 is best suited for both soft and hard surfaces, for example, carpets and hardwood floors. It performs well in terms of total usage time, which is relatively long.

Final thoughts

Concluding our Tineco Pure One S12 review, it is worth noting once again that this brand offers a wide range of smart vacuum cleaners and has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with in matters of cleaning appliances. This cordless stick vacuum is really worth a try if you are looking for high performance combined with ease of use. It does show a lot of promise and will most likely give the user value for a very long time, depending on their needs.

Specification: Tineco Pure One S12



Weight (lbs)


Max Suction Power

150 W

Adjustable Power


Noise Level (db)




Dust Bin Capacity (ml)





Li-Ion, 2500 mAh

Runtime (min)


Charging Time (min)


Cord Length (ft)

Cord Rewind

Hose Length (ft)

Motorized Brushroll



2 soft and hard floor brushes

Cleaning Path (in)



2 pre-filters


Pre-filter cleaning tool, crevice tool, flexible long crevice tool

Pet Hair Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning


Other Features

iLoop sensor technology


2 years

Tineco Pure One S12

Average Score 8.7
Ease of use
Value for money

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