All types of vacuum cleaners: which one is right for you?

Having trouble finding the right vacuum? Don’t worry, we are here to show you that the search for the perfect vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to be a frustrating process.

The secret to finding the right model is in selecting the right type of vacuum. Since the market offers several types of vacuum cleaners, the abundance of options can sometimes be overwhelming. However, we created this comprehensive overview to highlight the features of the most common types. Therefore, stick with this guide all learn the most important facts about each of the categories of vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners

To kick off our list, we will start with the upright vacuum cleaners. In a way, they deserve to be mentioned first since this type is probably the most popular of all types of vacuums. The reason why upright vacuum cleaners are sought-after hides in the fact that these devices are powerful and easy to use. With their tilt-and-push design, upright cleaners are ideal for bare floors. Yet, some homeowners use them for deep cleaning the carpets as well.

On top of that, these models often come equipped with a wide array of accessories and tools. For instance, one of their most prominent features is variable height. By pressing the switch on the cleaning head, the users can adjust the height of the brush roll.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Another big-time name among vacuum cleaner types are the canister vacuums. In fact, their design has become an iconic representation of residential vacuum cleaners. To clarify, these devices consist of a tank and a hose, in addition to an extension wand. Of course, versatile attachments are a norm when it comes to these models.

Also, canister vacuums are a combination that brings the best of both worlds. They combine the power of upright vacuums with the slender frame of stick vacuums. Even so, some homeowners may find canister vacuums too bulky. To be honest, it can be tricky when you need to carry the hose and the tank up or down the stairs. 

Stick vacuum cleaners

If you are looking for convenience and ease of use, then a stick vacuum could be right up your alley. Why? Well, not many kinds of vacuum cleaners are as portable as stick vacuums are. Oftentimes, they are battery-powered, but they can come with a cord as well.

In essence, stick vacuums are best suited for quick touch-ups on hardwood floors. Or, you could use them to vacuum hard-to-reach places. So, even though they might not be as powerful as an upright or a canister – stick vacuums have a lot to offer. For instance, their main advantage is their slim design. Since these vacuums are compact, they fit in most closets and they even save up storage space.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Even though handheld vacuums are similar to stick vacuums, many elements separate these two types of vacuum cleaners. As their name suggests, handheld vacuum cleaners are designed in a way that allows you to hold them with one hand. Thus, these devices are as portable as vacuums get. At the same time, that is the reason why handheld vacuums are great for vacuuming your vehicle.

With their grab-and-go design, handheld vacuums are also perfect for quick touch-ups on upholstery. However, these vacuums are not suitable for the general cleaning of a home. Instead, go for a handheld vacuum in case you need a device to collect pet hair before the guests arrive. Or, if you need to vacuum the car interior and similar tight places.

Robot vacuum cleaners

According to many, robot vacuum cleaners are the future of the cleaning industry. Others may not share the opinion. Either way, there is no doubt that robots are different vacuum cleaners from any we introduced so far. In fact, the list of features that separates robot cleaners from other types is long and diverse.

For example, these devices are autonomous and they will roam your home in search of dirt and debris. Because of their independence, robot vacuum cleaners can save the time you would otherwise ‘lose’ on vacuuming. On top of that, modern robots come with a plethora of advanced features, such as intelligent mapping, scheduling, and so on. However, these models do come with a steep price so make sure they fit your budget.

Carpet cleaners

In a way, carpet cleaners are also unique and special when it comes to different types of vacuum cleaners. Once again, the name says a lot about the purpose of the device. So, these devices are excellent for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. In other words, after using a carpet cleaner – your rugs will be free of deep stains and they will look almost new.

To make the carpets clean as a whistle, carpet cleaners use a water-based system. To clarify, these models clean the dirt with the help of cleaning solutions and water. In addition, an efficient brush will remove the debris after you soak the fiber of the rug with the solution. As a rule of thumb, carpet cleaners are used for deep cleaning the upholstery, as well as – carpets, of course.

Central vacuuming system

Last but least, a system that removes the need for carrying around the cumbersome body of a vacuum. Yes, it is possible to have a clean home without all the heavy lifting. By using a central vacuum system, all the dust and debris will go to a suction unit that always stays in one spot. Typically, this unit is placed in a garage or in a basement. From there, suction is delivered to all rooms of the house and you only need to plug in the hose in one of the outlets.

With their plug-and-play system, these vacuums are among the most convenient types of vacuum cleaners. They are inconspicuous and pragmatic, without a doubt. Yet, their suction power and cleaning performances are well below the ones offered by an average upright or canister vacuum.

Final thoughts

As you could see, all sorts of designs and shapes are available in today’s market when it comes to vacuum cleaners. For that reason, it is important that you learn all there is to know about the advantages and disadvantages of each type. By doing the homework, buyers can make an informed decision and choose the type of vacuum that suits their cleaning needs in the best way possible.

People also ask

  • Which are the best types of vacuum cleaners?

The answer to this question is not an easy one because different users have different needs. Therefore, the best type is the one that best suits your needs and preferences. The bottom line is that any of the categories of vacuum cleaners can be the best for you, as long as the floors are cleaned and there is no debris lying around.

  • Which type of cleaner should I buy?

Depending on your needs, you could choose different types of vacuum cleaners. In other words, if you need a portable device – go with a stick vacuum or even a handheld model. Or, in case you need an all-round device – consider buying a canister vacuum or an upright model. Of course, it is important to check the features and characteristics of each model before you make the purchase.

  • Which types of vacuums are best for hard floors?

Hardwood floors tend to be delicate and sensitive to scratching. More often than not, homeowners damage these floors by using a ‘wrong’ category of vacuums. So, experts recommend using a stick vacuum or an upright vacuum when cleaning bare floors. On the other hand, canister vacuums are the worst option for cleaning hardwood flooring.

  • What type should I use for cleaning my carpets and rugs?

When it comes to vacuum cleaner types, carpet cleaners are the ideal option for vacuuming the carpets and rugs. In a way, these models are specifically designed for deep cleaning of these flooring surfaces. By using a cleaning solution, these devices will dissolve even the most stubborn of stains. Not to mention the fact that they will remove the dirt and dust that often get stuck deep within the fiber.

  • What are the most important features of a vacuum cleaner?

There are several important elements you need to take into consideration when buying a new vacuum. Once you make a decision between the types of vacuum cleaners available in the market, you should then check the features of a model in question. For instance, you should always pay attention to suction power, maneuverability, noise level, filtration, and so on.

  • What is the best brand of vacuum cleaners?

You can see the TOP 10 list of the best brands of vacuum cleaners on the market today.

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